Over on Nexusmods, there’s been a number of players asking for help with getting Frostfall and Campfire working on Skyrim Special Edition with SKSE64 alpha and SkyUI SE along with several other players offering tips. Here I’ll review the steps and reasons for a workaround. Campfire and Frostfall work great without SKSE64, so players having yet to try SKSE64 may choose to wait for proper updates. It’s also perfectly fine to disable Frostfall using Options: Frostfall spell until an update.

Note: Frostfall author, Chesko, plans on providing update after SKSE64 released (beta or after) for players. SKSE64 alpha is intended for mod authors and is unsupported.

Reminder: Please do not re-post or distribute author’s assets without permission. This do-it-yourself workaround includes assets that would require permission to share.


working Frostfall meters

hey, warmth is gone and MCM is a mess!

With SKSE64, Frostfall uses a different method to look up warmth and coverage values on armor. These SKSE methods depend on StorageUtil functions of PapyrusUtil, and without them, zero warmth. Installing PapyrusUtil SE to your game will get armor warmth working again with SKSE64.

Campfire v1.11SE and Frostfall v3.2.1SE do not include files for SkyUI MCM (mod configuration menu). Without some extra work, profiles and hotkeys also fail. Since permissions restrict others from sharing assets as part of a fix, you’ll need to do the extra work on your own. Basically, you’ll want to grab the existing SkyUI interface files from the classic versions of Campfire and Frostfall and pack those into your mod manager so you may easily remove them once you have a proper update.

In short, you’ll be fixing this issue:

  • zero armor warmth and coverage

and adding/resolving these features from classic Skyrim:

  • meters
  • MCM text and buttons
  • SkyUI Add-on inventory warmth and coverage with proper text
  • hotkeys and profile loading

DIY overview

I’ll go over each one of these steps in detail below. Keep in mind these instructions based on community sharing may be incomplete, and a proper update requires changes to the scripts and the SkyUI widget files.

Perform at your own risk, and expect no support from any of the authors.

  1. armor warmth fix - install PapyrusUtil SE
  2. create a working folder to place your files
  3. extract interface files from classic Campfire, Frostfall (Wearable Lanterns) and place in your working folder
  4. zip working folder and add to your mod manager
  5. create an empty plugin, “SkyUI.esp” and activate
  6. install and test
  7. consider starting a new character

This isn’t particularly difficult, but may be confusing for modding beginners. Those with basic mod-author skills will have most of this figured out on their own. Before attempting steps 2-5, you should have some familiarity with game file structure. If you’re new to using xEdit or a BSA-file browser, no worries unless you’re easily intimidated. Read carefully, and we’ll keep it simple.




These instructions are based on community sharing on Nexusmods.

What’s the deal? (background)

What’s Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE)? A wrapper for Skyrim executable providing added script methods to access extra features. Campfire and Frostfall for Skyrim SE works great without SKSE64, but will use SKSE to support SkyUI and alternate warmth lookup method.

Before TES V: Skyrim Special Edition (SE) was released in October 2016, Chesko went to work updating several mods to support Xbox and PC without relying on SKSE. Since Chesko needed to continue maintaining multiple versions, the scripts were updated to include decisions based on existence of SKSE and SkyUI. Basically, Campfire and Frostfall for SE were (nearly) SKSE64-ready a year ago. One problem, though, some of the SKSE functions depend on a modder’s resource, PapyrusUtil, which needed to be rebuilt for 64-bit. Also, SkyUI includes changes for SE, notably the file name, which so happens scripts within Campfire and Frostfall look for the old file name.

SKSE64 has been available for alpha testing since late summer, SkyUI SE since early autumn, and PapyrusUtil SE became available in late October. In August, Chesko replied to posts on reddit noting limited available time and shared intent to update Frostfall for SKSE64 some time after pre-release alpha SKSE64. That’s fair since the alpha release is intended for mod authors, not for regular play, and changes for bugs are likely.

Wait for a proper update or edit yourself.

How to get Campfire v1.11 and Frostfall v3.4.1 working with SKSE64 and SkyUI

I do not cover how to install mods or SKSE64. Proper game installation and load order management should be understood prior to attempting these steps, and basic understanding of game data file organization is assumed. Using pre-release software and modding is risky. Backup your save-game files.

For best results I recommend starting Frostfall for first time after performing these steps. Your existing character may do fine, but it’s possible some Frostfall features (notably meters and possibly some warmth/coverage) may not function properly without some serious save-game file editing. If installing Campfire and Frostfall for the first time then Frostfall features should fully function on existing characters.

Perform at your own risk. This workaround is unsupported so please do not ask Chesko for support, or distribute these files without Chesko’s permission.

1. armor warmth

Install PapyrusUtil SE. Start Frostfall for the first time for correct armor warmth and everything will work as intended. That’s it for working armor warmth and coverage.

Important: if you’ve been playing with zero warmth in Frostfall your existing save may have bad data. You’ll know there’s a problem if the armors you’ve seen all have default values (110 warmth for body). In which case it’s best to load an old save or continue playing with Frostfall disabled until ready to start a new character.

2. create a working folder to place your files

You may create one working folder for all, or one folder for each mod. I created several: CampfireInterface, FrostfallSkyUI, and WearableLanternsInterface. You’ll be placing your interface and SKSE files here.

3. extract interface files from classic Campfire, Frostfall (and Wearable Lanterns)

Download and unzip installation archives for Campfire, Frostfall, and optionally Wearable Lanterns for classic Skyrim. If you have these installed for classic 32-bit Skyrim, you’ll have the BSA files available in your game’s Data folder, and then you only need to unzip Frostfall installation archive in order to get the SkyUI Add-on files.

From the Frostfall install archive, copy the interface and SKSE folders from within “SkyUI5AddOn” folder to your working folder.

Start BSA Browser and open Frostfall.bsa. On left pane, expand Frostfall and select interface. In right pane, select all files, right-click, and select Extract Folders. Choose your working folder. Do the same for Campfire and Wearable Lanterns.


In your working folder you should now have two top-level folders:

  • interface
  • SKSE

The contents should match the folder and file structure as did inside the BSA-file. If you do not have sub-folders within interface, try extracting files again one folder at a time if that’s easier.

4. zip working folder and add to your mod manager

Adding to your mod manager will make it easier to remove later since these will be loose files. Use 7-zip and add to your manager.

5. create an empty plugin, “SkyUI.esp” and activate

Campfire v1.11 and Frostfall v3.4 check for the existence of “SkyUI.esp” to enable SkyUI features including UI text, profile loading, and hotkeys. Creating an empty plugin tricks Campfire and Frostfall. Do not rename SkyUI_SE.esp! Empty plugins may be safely removed mid-game, so after the official update you may destroy this fake plugin.

If you have Creation Kit (CK), create the empty file using CK. Otherwise…

Start SSEedit and only check Skyrim.esm.


  • once finished loading, expand Skyrim.esm and select File Header.
  • In right pane, right-click the top header and select copy as override into… Check the box for new file and click OK
  • name the file, SkyUI
  • click Yes
  • ignore the warning / cancel out
  • exit and save

You now have an empty plugin, SkyUI.esp. Launch SSEedit again to verify SkyUI.esp contains only a header properly formatted.

6. install and test

Review your load order: Frostfall and SkyUI_SE should load early (high). Your fake SkyUI may go anywhere. Using your mod manager, install your interface updates(s).


my interface updates in NMM to easily add or remove

Start the game using the SKSE64 loader and load a character (preferably un-modded save). Check to see if your armor has warmth and that MCM Frostfall and Campfire appear normal.


To test meters, use MCM option to set always show. If meters not showing, or piled on top of each other, then try switching corner position preset. Note, that on an existing character having Frostfall prior to SKSE64 the meters may refuse to show due to scripts set in the save-game. Best to test on a new character or un-modified character.


SkyUI complains about old file versions. In SkyUI MCM, disable error warnings as shown in screen capture.


Try out a hotkey even if you don’t use them by setting one, save new game, and re-load that save. This will let you know if the fakery works and that your profile settings will successfully load in the future. If after a load the hotkey resets then perhaps you didn’t activate the empty SkyUI plugin.

7. consider starting a new character if not enabling Frostfall for first time

There is no upgrade path here, so this workaround applied to an existing save may result in missing features or problems may become apparent later. If you’re adding Campfire and Frostfall for the first time then you’re okay. Otherwise for best results start a new character or load an un-modded save.


SKSE64 may need to be updated for a new version of the game. Keep a backup of your primary game files (skyrim.exe, skyrim.esm, update.esm, etc) and disable Steam auto-update for Skyrim SE. If you accidentally load a game without using the SKSE64 loader then exit the game without saving.

SKSE64 alpha may include bugs. If you decide you want to hold off on SKSE64 until later, delete any saves made with SKSE and remove all SKSE-related add-ons and the files you added above. Continue playing from save prior to installing SKSE64.

Performing this workaround may be incomplete and should be considered risky. Your actions are your responsibility, and expect no support from mod authors of Campfire, Frostfall, or Wearable Lanterns for your changes to these mods. These instructions based on community sharing are provided with no guarantee.


  • warning message about old SkyUI file versions: toggle warning off in SkyUI MCM (#6)
  • bad text for warmth and coverage in armor UI - missing empty SkyUI.esp (#5) or misplaced files from SkyUIAddOn folder (#3)
  • no meters showing! - test on new character then review #3 and see #6 about placement
  • hotkey must be reconfigured on load - see #5
  • Campfire error message about unsupported Frostfall version!! (like this on imgur.com/Bd5nRIv) - bad SKSE64 installation or prior installation mistakes; also see #7

You may find me on Nexusmods, Dracotorre, usually in posts for Campfire, Frostfall, or my Necromancer’s Camp add-on.

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