Keep rarely used configuration spells or rings from spawning back into your list. for Skyrim Special Edition


Inspired by EdmondNoir’s request on nexusmods Frostfall SE post

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On first load, Spells Clean checks if each selected plugin is active in your load and marks any not found as ignored for future game loads. For plugins found on each game load, Spell Clean will check if your character has the spells or items and remove them. This keeps your spells lists trimmed down without having to repeatedly enter console commands. For convenience, there are alternate choices that include select other non-spawning configuration spells and rings.

On each game load, Spell Clean waits about nine seconds giving mods time to spawn spells before checking and removing spells or rings.

If you’d like a spell to return, use console command or choose the option to restore all removed spells and rings.


You may adjust one of the Globals listed below using SSEedit.

  • DTSC_RestoreAllSpells (default 0): set to 1 to restore all removed spells
  • DTSC_IgnoreDisabledPluginChecks (default 0): set to 1 if later you need a plugin to start hiding spells
  • DTSC_DisableAll (default 0): set to 1 to skip checking on game load
  • DTSC_WaitSecondsToCheck (default 9.0): adjust if need to wait longer before starting check

The following Globals, set to 1 or 0, determine if a plugin is checked at all. These must be set before using Spells Clean, and if Spells Clean does not find the plugin it will set the value to zero disabling it for future game loads.

  • DTSC_CampFrostOps - “Campfire” and “Frostfall” Options spells
  • DTSC_WearableLanternsConfig - “Wearable Lanterns” Options spell
  • DTSC_ImmersiveCitz - “Immersive Citizens” Control Citizens
  • DTSC_FlowerGirls - “Flower Girls” configuration spell
  • DTSC_MoonlightTales - “Moonlight Tales SE” Ancient Ring
  • DTSC_FacelightReset - “Facelight” reset spell

about the scripts

On each game load and after about nine seconds, a short script checks the plugins marked as enabled and if found then checks your character for the associated spells or ring and removes them from your character similar to using a console command, player.RemoveSpell. If a plugin is not found, it’s marked disabled an no longer checked on future game loads for speedy operation. If the global RestoreAllSpells is marked as a 1 then instead of removing, the script adds any missing spells or rings back to your character.