Skyrim SE

Necromancer’s Camp

Adds necromancer-themed camp gear and spells for use with Chesko’s Campfire. Compatible with Frosftall. See Necromancer’s Camp page for details.

Werewolf Time Meter

Adds a count-down meter for werewolf tranformation end. See Werewolf Time Meter page for details.


Castle Phobos

This is a 10 level episode for Doom and Doom 2 created in 1994-95. The design goal was to make a challenge. Some levels barely have enough ammo, there are secrets to find, and sometimes enemies are released from behind the player. Another goal was to make some interesting architecture. Includes original music by Ross Warren. (908 KB)

Terror Mall

This is a 4 level episode with a mall theme including stores and parking garage created in 1994-5 for Doom 2. Includes new images, sounds, and altered monsters. Also includes breakable glass and a tree perched sniper that falls out of the tree. Must install the DeHack before playing otherwise the glass windows end up with the cyberdemon’s health points! Breakable glass is common these days, but was rarely seen back in 1995. (604 KB)

DOOM 3 mod

Multiplayer deathmatch map of medium size with a castle-like architecture. Offers a variety of tight spaces, large open rooms, places to hide, and grenade drops to lower levels. Limited powerups and heavy weapons so you’ll have to use your skills. Each player starts next to a shotgun and armor. (2.1 MB)

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