Adds a werewolf transformation meter to Skyrim Special Edition. Download on Nexusmods - Werewolf Time Meter where feedback is welcome, or from for PC and Xbox One.

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The meter shows how much time is left before transforming back. Note that the meter may take up to 30 seconds to appear after tranforming into a werewolf. This meter borrows the blue magicka bar and restores magicka when finished. Compatible with all-night lunar transformations from “Moonlight Tales Special Edition” by Brevi and most alternate beast form (werebear or wereboar) mods.

After curing werewolf, or when playing a non-werewolf character, you may disable the meter to stop the running monitor script.

Note that when playing a non-werewolf character the script (enabled) polls very slowly, so first transformation soon after becoming werewolf may not include the time meter.



Simply add the files to your Data folder. If your character is not a werewolf (or other shape-shifter), the meter will initialze disabled. You may enable the meter using the Power spell to toggle. Backup your save game if you wish to remove the plugin later.


For best results de-activate and remove DTWerewolfMeter and load a backup save from before installation or start a new game. Alternatively, disable using the Power spell to stop the running script and continue playing with the plugin activated.

If a backup save is unavailable and you absolutely, positively feel you must remove the plugin mid-game, you may try this at your own risk:

  1. Disable by using the “Werewolf Meter Toggle” Power spell.
  2. Save game.
  3. Remove the DTWerewolfMeter.esp and DTWerewolfMeter.bsa files, and load the save from step 2 and save again.
  4. (optional) use ReSaver from “SkyrimTools - Script Cleaner and more” by Mark Fairchild.

Power: Werewolf Meter Toggle

This power spell simply enables and disables the meter. When enabled a script monitors the player for transformations. When not playing a werewolf character, you may disable the meter to stop the script. Enabling restarts the script.


Supports “Moonlight Tales Special Edition” by Brevi (spwned) including the all-night lunar transformation. Also supports the older “Moonlight Tales Essentials” mod. “Werewolf Time Meter” makes no alterations to existing quests or spells for compatibility with most werewolf mods.

May not be compatible with mods that:

  • display or update magicka during werewolf beast form
  • spell-casting werewolf
  • magicka overhauls that significantly alter magicka regeneration
  • sets PlayerWerewolfShiftBackTime to before transformation time (the past)


Screenshot shows werewolf Altmer skin by KrittaKitty from “Moonlight Tales.”


Since the magicka bar isn’t used in beast form, why not use it as a countdown timer? Without SkyUI this seems like a simple hack.

The mod borrows the magicka bar upon entering beast form by setting a spell-effect on the character to stop magicka regeneration to keep the timer from refilling. It also saves the time of transformation to calculate how much bar to fill. On each update cycle, check if still a beast from PlayerWerewolfQuest and if so, get the time until beast form ends from variable, PlayerWerewolfShiftBackTime, which may have changed due to character extending the bloodlust period. Calculate percentage of bar-filled and adjust magicka level.

Upon transforming back, remove the spell-effect so magicka regeneration resumes and refill the magicka bar.

“Moonlight Tales” all-night transformations sets a specific time of day to transform back and sets PlayerWerewolfShiftBackTime to a very large value. If the mod sees this, then assumes all-night transformation ending at sunrise.

About the scripts

The two scripts are lightweight. Use the toggle spell which calls the script, DTWerewolfWatchToggle, to simply start/stop the main script, DTWerewolfWatch.

The main monitoring script, DTWerewolfWatch, when enabled runs in the background checking the player character’s beast status. In human form, the update check is every 30 seconds unless not a werewolf then much longer (minutes). During beast form, it checks are every 2 - 7 seconds to adjust the meter.

Detecting all-night transformation on mods by Brevi requires an extra step. The “Moonlight Tales” mods set PlayerWerewolfShiftBackTime to a very large value (999 days) and instead calls an update to transform back at a specific hour of day. DTWerewolfWatch script calculates by assuming the revert time is 5am or 6am depending on if custom werewolf perks are present.

The source code is included inside the BSA-file of the PC version for review. See my overview with script examples in “Werewolf Meter Papyrus Script Overview” article.


Thanks to candyman457 and spwned on Nexus for the idea.


Please do not repost without permission.

Download on Werewolf Time Meter on Nexusmods where you may also leave feedback, or download from for PC and Xbox One

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