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a "Campfire" add-on for Skyrim Special Edition
for the constant traveler, the permanent campsite builder, or unarmored monk

  • get better sleep, master unarmored or pugilist skills, and craft new gear
  • designed for “Survival Mode” or “Frostfall” (optional)
  • requires Campfire - Complete Camping System by Chesko

Created using Chesko’s Campfire Dev Kit

adds Campfire for Survival Mode compatibility (optional)

  • Campfires “Flickering” and larger provide warmth
  • Travel cloaks provide warmth
  • Remove “Fatigue: Drained” with Eremite Refreshed bonus earned with perk

Fatigue recovery in tent is limited to reasonable circumstances. If too exhausted then may need to sleep in regular bed indoors to fully recover.

better sleep

Earn perk points and bonuses by sleeping better in tent or bed-roll.

  • camp near fire at medium size (“Flickering”) or larger
  • when entering tent or lie down on bed-roll wait for “Shelter warming” or “Bed-roll warming” notification
  • (optional) Survival Mode: wait for sun icon and warm up as needed
  • remove armor before sleeping (see Campfire’s options to auto-remove gear)
  • sleep 7-12 hours uninterrupted

Your tent may be placed within the fire’s warmth radius to warm up. In Survival Mode, the larger the fire the bigger the radius. Upon entering a tent, look for “Shelter warming” message. If needed, wait for your character to warm fully before sleeping to stay warm. Sleep 7-12 hours to earn perk points, and with perks, Restful Sleep or Survival Sleep, gain refreshed bonuses including removal of Survival Mode’s “Fatigued: Drained” penalty. If too fatigued then may need to sleep in regular bed indoors to recover.

“Refreshed” improves stamina recovery for 8 hours and provides more bonuses depending on your mods.

If using Survival Mode and when disabling it using game settings then the tent warmth detection will also disable for your convenience. After re-enabling Survival Mode, allow up to five minutes for tent warming to re-enable.

character build ideas

Eremite unarmored and pugilist perks help improve characters traveling without armor.

  • no-magic, unarmored warrior or monk (see my character)
  • conjuration or restoration Mage without alteration magic
  • basic mage - swap Lord Stone for 2 Eremite Unarmored perks
  • brawler


Place EremiteCamping.esp and EremiteCamping.bsa into your game’s data folder. Backup your save-game files in case you change your mind. Do not remove plugin mid-game! You may disable the main script by crafting the Eremite Ring and equipping it. Enable by equipping again.

If your character is level 19+ then you’ll receive a free perk.

disable Eremite

Disabling Eremite using the Eremite Ring stops active scripts turning the mod into a basic craft-only Campfire add-on. You’ll keep your Eremite perks, but lose abilities. Enable again by equipping the Eremite Ring.

Eremite Perks


Use your Campfire to access the perk constellation. Perks are arranged to help keep them optional so you can acquire just the ones best fit for your character.

  • Craft 1 and 2: weapons for the eremite traveler and workbenches for the permanent campsite
  • Restful Sleep: gain Refreshed after sleeping unarmored and in owned, warm shelter for 7+ hours
  • Survival Sleep: gain Refreshed in any warm tent or bed-roll with or without armor
  • Unarmored 1-5: freedom movement defensive skill - sleep in a shelter to begin
  • Pugilist 1-5: unarmed damage - sleep in shelter to begin

Earn perk points by sleeping 7+ hours in warm shelter and surviving combat without armor.

craft - no perk

  • standard pick-axe - create at forge with wood and iron ingot
  • Eremite bed-roll and twin bed-rolls - for camping in caves or existing tents
  • Eremite Ring - craft at forge - equip to toggle main script enable/disable

Equipping the Eremite Ring disables shelter detection, combat detection, and perk point gain. You’ll keep current perks and points and will be able to craft gear. Equip again to start.

Craft 1

create at Tanning Rack

  • Eremite Bedroll (no tent)
  • Eremite Twin Bedrolls (no tent)

create using Resourcefulness, Create Item

  • Eremite Grindstone
  • Eremite Hunting Bow: an improved hunting bow
  • Mortar and Pestle

create at an anvil/forge

  • Eremite Axe
  • Eremite Orcish Bow
  • Eremite Daedric Bow
  • Eremite Daedric Long Bow


Eremite Bows are re-colored “Real Bows” by DecimusMaximus used with permission

Craft 2

These items for your permanent campsite are heavy! Transport using “Convenient Horses” or ask Lydia very nicely.


create using Resourcefulness

  • Eremite Oven - includes storage chest
  • Eremite Alchemy Set - includes storage chest
  • Eremite Armor Workbench
  • Eremite Stable - includes a cot–because, um… you like sleeping with your horse

create at anvil/forge:

  • Eremite Anvil - includes storage chest

create at campfire, Misc

  • Alchemy Retort for the Alchemy Set

create at Tanning Rack

  • Eremite Alchemy Set Tented - an upgraded Alchemy Set

Tip: build a large campsite at a Hearthfire land plot and an anvil comes with purchase



Restful Sleep / Survival Sleep

Sleep unarmored in owned, warm shelter for 7+ hours to gain Refreshed bonus. If using “Survival Mode” then this also removes Fatigue: Drained. If using “Ordinator” then your character gains Vanacian if meeting the requirements. With Survival Sleep, your character becomes Refreshed sleeping in any warm shelter and even in a warm bed-roll.

Remove armor manually or set Campfire options to auto-unequip on lie-down. After entering a shelter wait for the “Shelter warming” message and if needed wait for your character to fully warm up before sleeping.


With this perk your character will gain +25 Armor Rating per rank when not wearing any armor (shields okay) including mage armor. To learn this skill rest 7+ hours in a warm tent shelter.


Bonus +7 unarmed damage per rank when not wearing any armor including mage armor. May be combined with enchanted pugilist on clothing. To learn this skill rest 7+ hours in a warm tent shelter.

designed to avoid game bugs

Eremite Camping avoids the stuck-ability-conditions bug (after 4096 cell loads ability values become stuck regardless of conditions) by re-applying the Eremite Unarmored and Pugilist abilities after sleeping in tent or bed-roll for 7+ hours. Consider sleeping in tent or bed-roll 7+ hours at least once a week to maintain your abilities.


Most combat overhauls should work well with Eremite Camping, but please let me know if you find one that may need attention. I find the bonus values for Unarmored and Pugilist make default combat too easy, so they should fit well with a mod increasing combat challenge. I could be wrong.

As noted at top, “Survival Mode” is supported but not required. Frostfall and most other Campfire add-ons automatically supported by being Campfire add-ons.

suggested mods


Tools used:

  • Creation Kit
  • Notepad++
  • Photshop
  • Gimp
  • SSEedit, SSEedit on github by zilav, Elminster and team
  • Nifskope
  • SSE Nif Optimizer

changes this mod makes to Campfire

  • if “Survival Mode” found, adds Campfire lights 3-5 (“Flickering” to “Roaring”) to heat sources FormList using a script
  • adds SurvivalWarmth keywords found in Update.esm to Campfire’s Travel cloaks and adds keyword, ArmorCuirass, to enable warmth in Survival Mode
  • overrides Campfire’s Stone Axe recipe to add additional requirement of stone block
  • Mortar and Pestle may be crafted using Resourcefulness with perk

Skyrim, Skyrim Special Edition are trademarks of Bethesda Softworks LLC. All other trademarks belong to their respective owners.