BG3 Honour Mode Completed

Jun 21, 2024

Recently I completed Baldur’s Gate 3 Honor (Honour) Mode difficulty. It’s like Tactician difficulty plus single-save-file and some encounters have added legendary abilities. No reloading. If entire party falls, game over. Completing Honor Mode earns golden dice. How pretty!

BG3 GoldDice

Here I share my experience and spoiler-free tips for completing Honor Mode.

Soon after my first full play-through on Tactician (a Dark Urge necromancer), I decided try Honor Mode with a Lore Bard. I love the single-save concept for role-playing game! It’s more like table-top RPG where your party makes a decision and accepts the consequences. For players wanting a single-save experience on easier difficulty, choose Custom difficulty and check the single-save box. My bard made it far, but I ended my quest short. My mistake was taking a different path into unfamiliar situations which I was unprepared to face. Having gained more experience, I started another attempt. Once again I chose the Dark Urge origin character.

BG3 Sorc2

Introducing my cute, freckle-faced High Elf draconic sorcerer! What better look for a serial killer than a warm smile, a twinkle in the eye, and with the grace of a dancer? By the end of my 110-hour play-through, she turned darker.

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Heavy-Haul Mod Update 2.2 for ATS 1.50

May 13, 2024

Ats HHW49XmV

Heavy-Haul Trailers Adjustments updated for American Truck Simulator game version 1.50 archive packed for the new HashFS format. This means instead of the zip extension the archive file now uses the scs extension.

version 2.2 changes:

  • archive with HashFS format using new scs_packer
  • removed duplicate cargo definition

Update by delete old and replace with DTHHTrailerDef.scs in your folder, /American Truck Simulator/mod/.

Download link and details found on Heavy-Haul Trailers Adjustments page.

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Sleep Intimate V3 Hotfix Magnolia

Apr 24, 2024

A Magnolia’s date hotfix for all versions of Sleep Intimate v3.06 for Fallout 4. Those using the patch for “Dating Magnolia” also get the updated patch.

For download links and complete details on Sleep Intimate, see:

Baldur's Gate 3: Dark Urge

Mar 4, 2024

Play Dark Urge.

For my first full play-through in Larian’s role-playing game, Baldur’s Gate 3 a Dungeon & Dragons game taking place in Forgotten Realms, I chose to play as a Dark Urge origin character, and I am very glad I did. If you have not tried it yet, or are just getting started with Baldur’s Gate 3—do not dally—play as Dark Urge. The story resides among the best stories in gaming. No matter if you like to play good or evil-aligned character, play Dark Urge origin!

BG3 Necr2

What is an origin character?

Similar to Larian’s previous game, Divinity: Original Sin 2, an origin character includes a story which weaves with the main story. In Baldur’s Gate 3 the player may choose to play as one of several origin characters each having a specific profession (class) and background. Playing an origin character gives the player that character’s perspective. The player may enjoy stories of other origin characters by including them in the party. With the exception of Dark Urge. The only way to experience the Dark Urge story is to play as Dark Urge origin. Unlike the other origin characters, the player may customize the class, race, and gender of the Dark Urge character.

Besides playing an origin character, the player may choose a custom non-origin character which some players refer to as Tav, the default name until the player changes it. Since Dark Urge may be customized, I recommend choosing Dark Urge for custom-character play. Playing a “Tav” feels like playing a supporting role for the origin characters.

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Sleep Intimate Version 3

Feb 13, 2024

SI3 Hug3

Sleep Intimate, a sleep overhaul with romance features for Fallout 4, update version 3 comes with three animations provided by AVilas. Kiss, hug, and dance with a romanced companion! In addition, this update brings other requested features such as at a seat, Relax activation may now choose between embrace and kiss, or select dance for a romantic slow dance with fully romanced companion.

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