Sleep Intimate Version 3

Feb 13, 2024

SI3 Hug3

Sleep Intimate, a sleep overhaul with romance features for Fallout 4, update version 3 comes with three animations provided by AVilas. Kiss, hug, and dance with a romanced companion! In addition, this update brings other requested features such as at a seat, Relax activation may now choose between embrace and kiss, or select dance for a romantic slow dance with fully romanced companion.

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Heavy-Haul Route Maps Now with Kansas

Dec 28, 2023


Wester Star 49X hauling equipment from Farm Machines DLC

Routes for Kansas added to the central region heavy-haul route map for non-divisible loads for use with “Heavy-Haul Trailers Adjustments” for American Truck Simulator by SCS Software. Plenty of rest areas in Kansas, and routes are free of limitaions except for a weight limit which is signed in game. This map continues as a work in progress.

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Heavy-Haul Route Maps Update

Aug 17, 2023


Kenworth W900 customized using W900 Tuning Pack DLC from SCS

Oklahoma routes added to the central region heavy-haul route map for non-divisible loads for use with “Heavy-Haul Trailers Adjustments” for American Truck Simulator by SCS Software. This map continues as a work in progress, so more may be added to Oklahoma later. Also, I am in the process of moving from bitmap editing to vector drawing, so expect a visual difference in and around Oklahoma. Over the next few months I will redo all maps. The western region map also updated to include new roads near Oklahoma.

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Heavy-Haul Trailers Update 2.0

Jul 27, 2023

Heavy-Haul Trailers Adjustments update v2.0 for American Truck Simulator version 1.48. Heavy-haul route maps also updated.

  • Heavy Cargo DLC now optional due to package format change introduced in game version 1.48
  • this updtate requires game version 1.48!

For those using game version 1.47, the prior Heavy-Haul Trailers version (requires Heavy Cargo DLC) is still available. Get the file and review my guide at Heavy-Haul Trailers page. To update, download the new file and overwrite the old in your mods folder.

The western map updated to include length limits on two-lane highways in Oregon (110 feet) and Washington (105 feet) over which requires pilot vehicle. When using a triple lowboy (jeep and booster), consider most day cabs should meet 110-foot limit.

The central region map updated to include more highways in Texas added with game version 1.48.

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Sleep Intimate Updated 2.88

May 28, 2023

Sleep Intimate for Fallout 4 update v2.88 for PC adding support for Savage Cabbage’s Animations 1.3. Find the download links on the Sleep Intimate R page, for the main file and the optional files for AAF.

For Savage Cabbage’s Animations, extended 6 scenes and added 1 new scene for Strong. The extended scenes include weapon bench, stool, sleeping bag, throne, and the bunk bed three-person scene. With Strong as companion try the patio table by activating a nearby chair.

Additionally this update fixes chair Relax undress to better adhere to footwear preferences, fixes Strong companion missing some scenes when choosing Pick Spot, and recognizes glasses and skirt from “DX Naughty Secretary Outfit” for undress.

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