• cycle: 137 miles (221 km)
  • run: 41 miles (67 km)


  • cycle: 189 miles (305 km)
  • run: 50 miles (80 km)


Timpanogos from along Hwy 92 near the Pine Hollow Trail. Nice area for bike rides or hikes.

Allergy season was somewhat brief but furious. Grasses and thistle exploded out of nowhere and grew taller than I hugging the trail so close in spots as to drastically limit visibility. That’s all behind us now. My cycle and run counts turned out exactly the same in July as June and not as many as I would have liked. No matter, life happens. I just mounted new tires on the mountain bike, so I’m itching to try them out on soft, dusty trails and through rocky terrain to see how they feel.

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