Today ISI, creator of rFactor, and Luminis, a Dutch software group, announced a partnership to accelerate rFactor 2 development with a new company, Studio 397. This is big news since rFactor 2 has been far less popular as its predecessor with few online racers and light on third-party modded content even though rFactor 2 is pitched as a modding platform. The “partnership plans to release an ambitious roadmap” including user interface improvements, work in the modding community, and updated graphics engine supporting VR on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. See for details.

I’ve tested the rfactor 2 demo twice, once during early beta and recently, and found a good experience with solid physics and detailed races including penalties and caution flags. The light content kept me from purchasing, but with this new announcement, the title is back on my radar. The latest demo comes with a fun track and two cars. Drive full race, including practice and qualifying sessions, day or night. You may links to the demo on Purchase via Steam.

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Hat tip to James at for alerting me to this announcement.