Traitors, a novella by Carrie Clevenger, is a Crooked Fang adventure available on Amazon Kindle and at Smashwords from Katarr Kanticles Press. If you haven’t tasted a Crooked Fang story before, this is a perfectly reasonable place to get acquainted with Xan and his world. Traitors picks up where the novel, Crooked Fang, left off if you’d rather start there. This novella is short enough to enjoy in one gulp with plenty of content to leave a lasting impression. Not for the young ones.

This story holds the same edge found in the blog serial and has grown with the author into a smooth ride like a restored muscle car with power when you need it. Xan introduces his world with a playful style touched by his dark-offbeat humor. I feel I’m right there with Xan at Pale Rider, a little drinking hole, and riding with him in his Camaro. It’s a fun ride, too. Xan keeps things lively even when picking music on the radio. The love that went into writing and editing Traitors bleeds through at every turn, a smooth ride winding through the Xan’s feelings for his friend, Nin, and rising over the peak into a blaze at the Traitors bar. Xan realizes there’s more to this mission, and the story leaves us with a taste of things to come.

I’ve enjoyed the other Crooked Fang stories by Carrie Clevenger, but Traitors has made me a fan. Thanks, Carrie, for sharing with us.