A cyclist may use an application to track distance or navigate a route. A phone stored away in a pocket or pack makes access to the application less ideal, but perfectly useful for tracking performance data. Having the application at hand allows for controlling start/stop and lap functions along with immediate feedback. Navigating a new route with the directions in a pocket can become quite annoying.

Handlebar Mount


The mount shown in the photo is a Biologics Bike Mount Plus for the iPhone. Water resistant (not recommended for heavy rain) and hard plastic case with a touch-friendly cover allows for having the favorite cycling application at hand. I’m not comfortable with the idea of mounting my iPhone on a rugged mountain bike ride keeping this solution on the casual-use side. The large mount may attract tackle and theft in some areas.


The notifications screen with Cyclemeter by Abvio shows current distance, speed, and controls to stop tracking or mark lap times. Getting route directions by voice works better from the mount than raising the volume loud enough to escape the messenger bag, and the device is right there if one needs to check the map frequently.

Smart Watch

Now imagine having the Cyclemeter notification at a glance on the Apple Watch.

A case for the watch.

At ten times the cost of the handlebar mount, this single use doesn’t make a strong case. Other instances of on-hand convenience may not add up for many, not yet.

In “The Apple Watch Is Time, Saved” on TechCrunch, Panzarino mentions the Apple Watch cuts down on phone use. Fewer distractions. For some the trouble with pulling the phone out to check one thing leads to checking several things, perhaps with the goal of saving effort, but end up repeating the process later for another reason. For app addicts, the watch may be an immediate salvation.

To me, the current pocket phone is akin to the pocket watch of yesteryear. Miniaturization moved the watch from the pocket to the wrist. The same will happen to the phone.