Looking at the girl, Nyx found a face wrecked in worry. She noted the clasped hands, thumbs working flesh.

Nobody ever asked anything of Nyx besides her swift departure. Men huddled by the fire or hid in their homes. They never faced her. Nobody ever did, not until that early morning the young girl came calling.

Removing her hat, Nyx peered up at the glimmering stars. Considering the request, she ran fingers back through her dark hair. The moon smiled, but face half illuminated it appeared more like a sneer. Looking east, she saw the red embers reminding her of a kiss.

The request came again in a burst of tears.

Patting hat on head, Nyx offered a smile. It felt cold, and she saw fear in the wide eyes.

Agreeing to the request, Nyx tugged at her dress gathering the darkness about her. She stormed across the meadow her cold gaze bearing down on Black Woods. Nocturnal insects sang their songs. Hair blowing, dress flowing, she crossed a river. A man dove into a home, door slamming shut. Entering the woods, she stormed up the mountain, river of darkness flowing behind her.

Atop the granite peak, the moon lit the way. Creeping from the woods, the wolves circled around. Some snarled, others cooed. Reaching out, she stroked their black manes as each one passed. Alpha took position upon his rock, and the others settled down gnawing at bones.

Alpha grinned, teeth dripping satisfaction. “Mistress,” he said, “we have done you a great favor.”

Spotting a boy climbing upon the rock, Nyx recognized the eyes. The girl’s brother stroked Alpha’s back. In the west, red embers lingered on horizon. Glancing east, she watched light growing bold. The weight of the problem fell upon her.

“The lad only wants to see his dear sister,” said Alpha.

Nyx shook her head. “Don’t believe his lies.” The wolves of the night wanted her all to themselves, never again hiding in their cave from her lost lover. “He means to devour you both.”

The boy withdrew his hand, fear melting his face. He stepped down from the rock.

“Dusk is ours!” Alpha snapped his teeth and snarled.

Reaching into dark dress, Nyx withdrew a sword. Fury exploded from her dress, cold waving over the mountain. She held the sword high, blade sparking into night sky. Tails hanging, the wolves glanced about. Nyx lashed out releasing energy. The mountain darkened, and wolves yipped bounding into their cave. Another thunder sent Alpha leaping from his rock.

The blade simmered smoking tendrils.

Standing before the boy, Nyx offered a smile. Her frozen glare sent him stumbling back.

“Please,” said the boy. “My sister.”

Looking upon the sorrow, her own longing grew. Lover lost, a forgotten kiss tickled her face. The siblings deserved better.

Gazing at the lantern in the sky, she pleaded. Listening, the moon nodded thinking it over. The wolves grew bolder, yellow eyes glinting from their cave. At last, the moon smiled and offered a solution.

Turning to the boy, Nyx knelt. “You will see your sister again, but you must return. Guard the border.”

Wiping a tear, the boy nodded. He took the sword and descended the mountain into the west.

Already the dark wolves were bounding down the mountain towards orange blazing horizon.

Descending through woods, cascading darkness, Nyx chased after. Reaching into the dark, she unsheathed her last remaining sword. The blade glimmered lighting the way. Bursting into the meadow, she found the girl surrounded by wolves.

Growls rumbled. Jaws snapped. The girl retreated, but the pack closed in caging their prey.

The blade sparked, a blinding orange shattered air sending wolves tumbling. Leaping onto his feet, Alpha snarled at the light. Waving the sword, Nyx glared at the wolf.

Light burned higher into sky; the dark wolves were out of time. A growl at eastern horizon, Alpha turned and led his pack racing for the cave.

Holding out the sword, Nyx instructed the girl on its use. Light recharged the blade keeping dark wolves at bay. Taking the weapon, the girl queried about her brother.

Removing hat, Nyx wiped cold sweat from her brow. “A promise. You will reunite with your brother. Whenever the moon joins the sun, light and dark together, you two shall meet.”

Throwing arms around, the girl hugged her.

The dawn fire burned. Nyx remembered the day, not its warm touch, but the brightness. Facing south, she gazed up at sky. Half her face lit, the moon smiled brightening the dark side.

Morning birds sang greetings. Men stirred in their homes. The wolves hid in their cave. Nocturnal creatures took a deep breath chilling the air, and settled into slumber.

Squishing hat on her head, Nyx looked down at the pleasant eyes.

“Will you watch with me?” Another request. A little hand rose, fingers open. “Will you watch the sunrise?”

Gathering the darkness about her, she reached out and grasped the warm hand. Sky blazed, orange pushing back the darkness. Dawn glowed.

Winking, the moon signaled the sun: the passage was clear.

Nyx remembered sunrise, the grandeur. Warm kiss, a forgotten memory teased her cheek. Lips quivering, she yearned to return the sweetness.

Day fire burned extinguishing stars. The world faded, little hand slipping away, a fleeing memory. Storm of light and dark rumbled, a wind pulled at dress and tugged hair. Nyx clasped her hat, and the world returned in a breath.

Glancing west, Nyx spotted the burning horizon where Dusk stood holding his sword. She looked at her empty hand, recalling the warmth, remembering Dawn.

She waved at Dusk and spun around heading into a valley. Darkness was her dress flowing over the land. Never sleeping, she raged on. The night was hers, and she was the night. The night moved on.