Dee Count for iPad update for v1.67 includes the following changes:

  • +/- button toggles addition and subtraction modes with option to hide in Settings
  • fixed import inventory details error
  • improvements for 64-bit devices

"Dee Count screenshot"


To fix an error, or if someone purchases a product during counting, you may subtract the count from the location. The old way to change a value was to delete the item from the location and add back to difference. Subtraction mode makes it a bit easier.

To subtract, or decrement an existing item count, tap the +/- button. The button will turn red, and the count-by buttons will show negative numbers. After a subtraction, Dee Count will revert back to addition mode automatically. The button filled-in with red is a reminder that you are subtracting counts.

"subtract toggle in Dee Count"

In subtraction mode, the increment button (++) on the item menu becomes a decrement button (+-). After subtracting a count, the button automatically reverts back for normal counting.


For extra safety while counting, you may wish to avoid risk of accidentally subtracting. Hide the +/- button in the Settings App by switching the toggle. You may unhide the button later.

"Dee Count in Settings app"

You may also set your preference to display items with zero counts in the totals list. Deleting an item will remove it from the list unless there is an inventory count comparison. Subtracting to zero will not remove it from the list.

Import Inventory Details

After the latest fix, be aware of a limitation to importing text files from your computer on encoding. Best results are with Unicode UTF-8 and Windows 1252 encodings. If you don’t know what that means, don’t worry about it. The default on the majority of PCs or Macs in Western Europe and US should be fine. See example for more details.

Improvements for 64-bit

Minor internal changes for better compatibility with 64-bit devices (iPad Air) only. No support for super-extra large count numbers added. Sorry, you’ll still want to keep your counts under 2 billion or so.