The latest Dee Count for iPad update adds increment-by-tap for items in the list and also fixes an issue with text clearing when keyboard dismisses.

If items lack UPC codes, or you just need to add quick counts, tap the item in the list to open the menu and select the ++ button. This is quicker than performing a copy-paste, useful when you have many items to increment. Opening the menu first helps prevent accidental increments while still allowing for fast incrementing.

"Dee Count screenshot of increment"

Other changes:

  • fixed text in Add item box clearing when dismissing keyboard
  • updated UI for more natural order of input

Dee Count inventory counting software for iPad started out as a custom solution for a client, and later released, aimed at small business owners without a need for dedicated counting system or service. Support for Bluetooth scanners and scanning with the built-in camera included. Read more about it on the Dee Count page.