Texas I-10 in American Truck Simulator

Consider the Texas heavy-haul route map a work in progress and will later include more states in the central region of the United States. There may be unmarked sleep areas, weigh stations, and scenery towns. I have not yet finished checking the frontage roads for bridge restrictions. Since Texas includes a number of picnic areas without restrooms, I decided to identify those sleep areas as a parking spots to differentiat from full-service rest stops. I plan to update the western states for consistency.

These maps I created for use with my heavy-haul trailers modification in American Truck Simulator may also be used for spotting sleep zone types (motel, truck stop, parking area, rest stop) or to find roads restricted to legal loads only.

Get the latest maps for the west and central (Texas) regions on the Heavy-Haul Route Maps page which describes the charts, legend, and includes some routes of note. Or click/tap on the Texas map below for full-size map (2.4 MB 5080x6800 jpg).

click for high-resolution image (2.4 MB)