Word cloud created at using the RSS feed for

In a word cloud the size of the word represents how frequent the word appears. Within the ten recent posts on Kandy Fangs, Nine appears most often followed by Thyme as expected since Nine Thyme is the main character of the currently running chapter in the Venom web-serial. Wordle supports a variety of colors, fonts, and shapes to create pretty word patterns. Play with the settings, or click the random button for some fun.

A word cloud is a quick way to determine if a word is being used too often. My first concern is the frequency of like suggesting I may need to go back and turn some similes into metaphors or remove the comparison. I watch for overdescribing features special for Itoril people: teeth, fangs, and eyes. I must have been doing a better job recently seeing that hair is larger than eyes. Another word I may check is onto, because I’m surprised I use it that often.