Sleep Intimate for Fallout 4 update v2.79 all versions:

  • new preference setting for backpack: placed custom pack uses (Green bag / itself)
  • improved health recover calculation so Fast-Wait-Skip results the same as slower sleep speeds
  • recognizes bags and packs from “We Are the Minutemen”
  • recognizes purse from “Pornstar Fashion” by Deserter X

Backpacks without a ground object model use a green bag instead, but if your custom pack includes the ground object change the setting to itself so the real pack will appear on the ground when sleeping or sitting.

additionally for XB1 and PC on

R-X only:

  • updated for Savage Cabbage’s Animations 1.2.8 - 3 extended scenes
  • Atomic Lust Power Armor Repair Station may get intimate without requiring other animation packs
  • fixed animation alignment on Hozsa’s “Easy Homebuilder” beds

For download links and more information see Sleep Intimate - XOXO page or Sleep Intimate - R page.

Werewolf Time Meter for TES V: Skyrim Special Edition update 2.26:

  • now have choice to begin game with a starting preference: Enabled-no-remove-armor and Enabled-remove-armor
  • first start displays starting preference

This ESP-plugin update only affects starting new game or first game load after activating the mod. See Werewolf Time Meter page for details and download links.