The default location for your blog posts in Octopress reside under /blog with your post index on the landing page. Moving your posts up a level or renaming “blog” to something else requires some modification. For this tutorial, I’ll show all the changes to rename “blog” to “stories” with a home page as I have done at

rename the “blog” folder to “stories” and move your index

To have a home page, move the index.html from the root into stories and add an index.markdown to your root for your home page. You’ll also need to edit this index.html to replace an instance of “blog” with “stories” as described below.

changes to _config.yml

Basically, search for “blog” and replace where needed.

  • change the “permalink:” key for your blog structure by date or category.
    • permalink: /stories/:year/:month/:title/
    • permalink: /stories/:categories/:title/
  • change “category_dir:” key
    • category_dir: stories/categories
  • change the “paginate_path:” key to match your structure.
    • paginate_path: “stories/posts/:num”

changes to files

  • update the blog index file, index.html, you moved into the “stories” folder. Update the line under pagination:
    <a href="/stories/archives">Stories Archives</a>
  • update your menu in /source/_includes/custom/navigation.html
    <ul class="main-navigation">

</div></div><div data-line='2' class='code-highlight-row numbered'><div class='code-highlight-line'> <li><a href=”/”>Home</a></li> </div></div><div data-line='3' class='code-highlight-row numbered'><div class='code-highlight-line'> <li><a href=”/stories”>Stories</a></li></div></div></pre></div></figure> * update the archives page title in /stories/archives/index.html to “Stories Archives”