Rising above the rolling hills, Nulan smiles upon the dark land. Her kisses turn the waving wheat into a shimmering sea. A shadow wriggles from my feet. Wind and wheat sing to her, swaying and encircling me.

I feel her touch, her paleness fills my eyes. Her smile, wicked, freezes my brood.


Nulan laughs. The wheat, the swaying grasses, the night bugs join the song. My shadow dances with them, mocking me. And Nulan howls an address. At my misfortune, at my prison, she laughs at me. She rarely misses.

The night is my shroud hiding my pale face from warm kisses. Nulan’s laughter, her pallid light, is a feeble mirror of warmth, of home. I wish she’d leave me with my stars glittering in my dark sea.

Nulan laughs. Always laughing, her bloodless light touches me, those grim kisses.