Chesko recently updated “Frostfall - Hypothermia Survival” mod for TES V: Skyrim to v3.1 along with required update, “Campfire - Complete Camping System” v1.8. If you’re using Chesko’s “Wearable Lanterns” then you’ll want to update that, too. The main new feature I’m excited about is the return (absent since legacy v2.6) of adjusting custom armors for more appropriate exposure protection so that those skimpy armors seem skimpy in Skyrim’s cold environment. Besides bug fixes, the update also includes the addition of a third vampire choice, immortal, along with mortal and supernatural. With SkyUI, warmth and coverage information shows up on the apparel menu.


This v3.1.1 (nearly?) completes the rewrite of legacy “Frostfall” v2.6 for improved stability and better player experience. Breaking out “Campfire” enables players to choose to camp without survival challenge and also makes things easier for the developer. The difference is huge. Big thanks to Chesko for the diligent, quality work. If you’ve been holding out with legacy edition, now is the time to update.

To me, TES V: Skyrim with “Frostfall” and “Campfire” complete Skyrim. Without these mods, Skyrim just doesn’t feel right.

custom outfit mods

Using the MCM, your custom clothing and armor pieces may be assigned to areas: head, body, hands, feet, cloak, and accessory. Standard custom outfit pieces should already be assigned based on their armor information, but special gear or trousers may need adjusting. Select warmth and coverage from list of descriptive choices, or choose to manually adjust the values. If your armor includes a cloak, tell “Frostfall” about it by selecting extra parts, cloak. Note that only 1 item may apply to the body area so if your outfit comes with separate top and bottom, you may set the bottom to accessory and then divide up the warmth and coverage to each piece so overall body results with your intended value. Your custom values are saved to the profile settings so they remain with multiple characters.

example: Gwelda mini-dress

“Gwelda Dawnguard Armor” by Deserter X is a light-weight leather mini-dress with choice of trousers, cuisse, underwear, or no bottoms along with boots and gauntlets. My Redguard character, Sahar, wears her “Gwelda Dawnguard” gear in the warmer regions of Skryim.


Since this outfit is a bit revealing, I decided to reduce the warmth and coverage from the default values. The boots, however, are tall and appear well crafted with excellent stitching, so I chose to increase a bit over normal leather boots. I assigned the trousers as an accessory so it will work in combination with the mini-dress and estimated the coverage based on visuals and combined total of top and bottom versus several standard outfits. Compared to fur, leather provides better coverage for rain and less warmth. Considering the exposed area of shoulders, arms, and backside, I cut both warmth and coverage down compared to standard leather armor. Even if not the best values, the result is that Sahar feels more exposed out there in the cold. Overall warmth and coverage values in screen captures below include several “Frostfall” perk bonuses.

Set the mini-dress cuirass warmth and coverage manually considering only part of the body coverage.


For trousers, select accessory and set warmth and coverage manually for the intended sum of body coverage. Do the same for cuisse with lower values.


Now when Sahar changes bottoms, or is caught with her pants down, her exposure protection adjusts appropriately. Same if she wears trousers and goes topless. Fights sometimes interrupt resting in the tent after all.