Sleep Intimate - R for Fallout 4 has been updated to version 2.77 for PC

  • added new scenes from Savage Cabbage’s animations 1.2.7 - Locker (Door Scenes), sleeping bag (doggy-style), ground mattress
  • additional animation stages for jail, FMM-standing SC 1.2.7
  • fix: player-character getting pushed out of alignment by 2nd lover in standing scenes with orbit-view (error introduced in v2.70)
  • fix: when using Leito’s 2.1 without Savage Cabbage’s pack for chair Relax+ as naked player-character now shows chair menu instead of bed menu

To activate an intimate scene at a locker (requires Savage Cabbage’s pack 1.2.7) with a lover nearby select the locker’s third activator, Get Intimate. For compatibility with other mods altering lockers, or preference, toggle disable/enable in MCM or holotape Intimate Settings - Door Scenes which also affects jails. Chair scenes must also be enabled. The Sleep Intimate Quick Dress locker is not available, but with the Workshop DLC you may build a locker found in Furniture > Containers. Other lockers include the pre-war lockers, single or in sets, which are containers.

Due to the Vault locker being wider than pre-war lockers, Sleep Intimate adjusts the actors position to limit body clipping with locker during animation. Using the standard animation player, only the look-view is available so make sure to position your character from where you want to view scene. The orbit-view method causes camera to become stuck inside the locker where you cannot see anything.

For more information and download links see Sleep Intimate - R page.