Change-log history for Sleep Intimate R-X

changes 3.06 (2024-04-24)

  • fix Magnolia’s date
  • updated Dating Magnolia patch

Changes 3.04 (2024-02-13)

  • Now includes 3 animations by AVilas
  • —- standing hug
  • —- standing kiss
  • —- romantic slow dance - at seat choose dance (scroll down) - partner must be fully romanced or use True Love ring
  • Save-on-Rest set to 0 hours will auto-save after Rest and-get-out-of-bed without any sleep as long as time since last save is greater than 1 hour (3 hours on Survival)
  • added picnic table kiss scene from C.H.A.K. pack to scene list
  • fix romantic dance keep shoes equipped for any preference
  • now Undress-for-Rest disabled allows Rest (bed) and Relax (chair) for embrace or sleep
  • chair Relax now may choose Kiss; Embrace now only hugs – high endurance increases duration
  • chair Relax - Dance with fully romanced companion will play romantic dance with compatible animation pack (other companions silly dances)
  • C.H.A.K. Pack by Avilas recognized for cuddles (R-X use Pick-Scene), hugs, kisses, and romantic dances
  • bed embrace/cuddle undress rule changes:
  • —-XOXO: standing hug/kiss the same, bed cuddles use sleep outfit (not bathrobe) unless already naked
  • —-R: follow sleep-undress preference unless already in sleep outfit or already naked
  • —-bathrobe exception due to flipping up for bed cuddle animations
  • undress for XOXO changed skip-undress from player-only already in sleepwear to skip only if both player and companion in sleepwear AND player not wearing hat or jacket or backpack
  • footwear preference better observed when removing hats and jackets outdoors and includes exception for using weight bench (same as dancing)
  • footwear-shoe dropped on ground now observes Backpack drop preference
  • at bed kiss/hug changed sleep outfit requirements so if player naked then only companion requires a sleep outfit inventoried (XOXO or no custom animations available)
  • fix backpack not always appearing on floor for chair relax
  • fix shoe fail to redress for case when dropped on ground
  • now compatible with “Companions also need to eat and sleep” (NNES) Bed Reserver - use Sleep Settings, NNES to toggle Rest or Bed Reserver - may set MCM hotkey
  • fix kiss misalignment when same genders swapped roles (should only happen in R-X after 3rd-party animation)
  • standing scene at player-position no longer drop sleep clothes or backpack – gets in way
  • changed rad-damage-check on chair Relax to just sit (embrace was allowed, but confusing)
  • (R-X) cuddles/embrace may completely undress if no sleep outfit available and Undress-For-Rest set to Undress-All or if already naked
  • (R-X) Pick-a-Scene may now cancel using Nevermind
  • (R-X) Pick-a-Scene now same-gender aware with compatible animation packs
  • —-for females using strap-on toy, drop/store strap-on to display same-gender menu
  • (R-X) chair intimacy animation position adustments for kitchen chair and classic armchair
  • (R-X) some chair/prop scenes changed default to look-view (cloned player-character) for better positioning (may switch look/orbit-vew using Test Mode)
  • (R-X) more scenes duration affected by player-character’s endurance; most scenes increased, but pole-dance shorter when low endurance
  • (R-X) same-gender pick-a-scene (female with strap-on equipped) removed spoon (there is no spoon)
  • (R-X) recognizes BP70 Animations for beds and seats, 27 scenes
  • (R-X) Pick-a-Scene - for custom race having a tail some choices limited
  • added experimental (and incomplete) VR-mode / Look-View-forced - may detect on start, can enable/disable in holotape Test Menu (TestMode enabled)
  • —-disables custom camera, no force-third-person camera
  • —-scenes clone player-character
  • —-no AAF-play

Changes 2.88 (2023-05-28)

  • (R-X) updated for Savage Cabbage’s 1.3
  • — 6 extended scenes: weapon bench, stool, sleeping bag, throne, FMM-bunk
  • — 1 new scene with Strong at patio table (acivate nearby chair)
  • (R-X) updated for Mutant Lust 1.4
  • fix chair-Relax undress to adhere to footwear preferences
  • (R-X) fix Strong companion at chair choose Pick Spot missing “Mutated Lust” animations from available scenes
  • recognizes “DX Naughty Secretary Outfit” by DeserterX glasses, skirt for undress

Changes 2.87 (2023-03-13)

  • Fix undress player sleepwear detection for case using slot-FX
  • added “Raid My Heart” (optional Atomic Lust) couch cuddle - Embrace at couch/sofa
  • (R-X) bed cuddle (Atomic Lust) change to sleep clothes if both have a sleep outfit not including bathrobe (flips up on animation start)
  • (R-X) updated Atomic Lust adding 1 oral scene
  • (R-X) Fix choose “Cuddle or Hug” resulting in no-scene (faded out)
  • Fix “Nora Spouse Companion” by HouseVariable: NoraSpouse ESM-file for immediate in-love and sex-appeal bonus (was only recognizing original ESP-file since v2.10)
  • increased intimacy chance with Nora-Spouse, DualSurvivor-Nate, and Insane Ivy
  • improved handling for companion with unique body to avoid replaced by base body or (R-X) preference setting nude-suit
  • — (R-X) “Unique Followers REDUX” no longer restricts custom companions from using preference setting female nude-suit
  • — recognizes custom/unique body from “Unique Nora for Nora Survives” by Shinichi Kawashigi (
  • — recognizes custom/unique body from “Nora Spouse Companion - Unique Follower” by J3tAc3 (
  • — recognizes custom/unique body from “Insane Ivy” by Reginald_001 (LoversLab)
  • — recognizes custom/unique body from “I’m Darlene” by GePalladium
  • — recognizes custom/unique body from “T0-R1 Victoria Standalone Companion” (Tori) by CCClover
  • recognizes “Azur Lane St. Louis” by DeserterX accessories item for sex-appeal bonus

changes 2.84.1 (2023-Jan-07)

  • (R-X) recognizes new content from Savage Cabbage’s Animations 1.2.9
  • — added 2 stages for armor bench scene (793)
  • — added 3 stages for weapon bench scene (794)
  • — added stage to mattress scene (782)
  • — added stage to a low chair scene (755)
  • — added two stages to couch oral scene (781)
  • — added stage to scene with Strong plus second super mutant (761-double)
  • —-new scene with Strong at stove (779) - activate nearby chair and select stove from prompt (untested)
  • Kiss Actor Align now compatible with custom-height companions (see Customize Sleep Intimate)
  • — select Kiss Actor Align (Enabled-Default) which maintains custom height at default scale
  • — (Enabled-Custom) maintains custom scale
  • — update patcher identifies and corrects custom-height companions with altered scales
  • — (R-X) also supports custom intimate animations with internal animation player so custom-height companion should align better
  • (XOXO) reduced repeated hugs at bed for more kissing
  • Footwear Menu for shoes and stockings armor items (not part of main outfit)
  • Mark shoes or stockings
  • Undress preferences remove shoes/stockings always, for bed, rarely
  • Footwear preferences observed for intimate embrace at bed
  • (R) Footwear preferences observed for most intimate custom scenes and diner booth embrace custom scene (Savage Cabbbage’s animation)
  • (R-X) new setting preference, Intimacy - Role: generally for same-gender scenes where may swap positions; may bind MCM hotkey
  • (R-X) Fix with Leito’s installed same-gender-female without strap-on choose intimate on chair should play embrace
  • Fix bed-intimacy with Nick Valentine (Romance) skipped embrace animation or (R-X) played invalid animation
  • (R-X) Fix for same-gender intimate prompt with pick-scene option even though no scenes available, embrace-only
  • (R-X) lap dance when naked will limit undress to hat, pack, or overcoat allowing to dance partially dressed
  • (R) removed extra lover notification after embrace at diner booth embrace custom scene (Savage Cabbage’s animation)
  • (R) changed notification after diner booth custom scene for female player-character to feel sexy
  • (R-X) changed notification for female player-character after diner booth custom scene from embrace to sexy
  • Fix undress under-armor top (slot 36) without a bottom failing to remove
  • Changed alt-female-body option to consider keep-stockings-equipped preference for lap dance and pole dance
  • Preston Garvey’s outfit recognized as having armor to improve undress in various scenerios
  • recognizes Heather Casdin’s outfits for improved situational undress for sleep
  • recognizes “Star Trek TOS” outfit by DeserterX tricorder for undress
  • recognizes K-Girl shoes as footwear
  • recognizes Comfy Socks as footwear

changes 2.79 (2022-July-18)

  • new preference setting for backpack: placed custom pack uses (Green bag / itself)
  • improved health recover calculation so Fast-Wait-Skip results the same as slower sleep speeds
  • updated for Savage Cabbage’s Animations 1.2.8 - 3 extended scenes
  • Atomic Lust Power Armor Repair Station may get intimate without requiring other animation packs
  • fixed animation alignment on Hozsa’s “Easy Homebuilder” beds
  • recognizes bags and packs from “We Are the Minutemen”
  • recognizes purse from “Pornstar Fashion” by Deserter X

changes 2.78 (2022-May-11)

  • recognizes “Heather Casdin” V2 by llamaRCA custom romance
  • potential error correction for edge case missing settings holotape
  • added support for “Fetish Fashion Part 1” by DeserterX

changes 2.77 (2021-Dec-31)

  • (R-X) added new scenes from Savage Cabbage’s 1.2.7 - Locker (Door Scenes), sleeping bag (doggy-style), ground mattress
  • (R-X) additional animation stages for jail, FMM-standing SC 1.2.7
  • (R-X) fix: player-character getting pushed out of alignment by 2nd lover in standing scenes with orbit-view (error introduced in v2.70)
  • (R-X) fix: when using Leito’s 2.1 without Savage Cabbage’s pack for chair Relax+ as naked player-character now shows chair menu instead of bed menu

changes 2.76 (2021-Dec-21)

  • recognizes DX “Red Ribbon” outfit by Deserter X, candy cane as backpack supporting ground model, choker provides sex appeal bonus
  • added support for Lupine and Amelia races – works like Vulpine (untested)

Changes 2.75 (2021-Oct-07)

  • improved optional undress-weapon for after intimacy go-to-sleep useful for holstered/visible weapon mods
  • (R-X) AAF: fix EVB Best-fit enabaled (when BodyTalk disabled) not equipping nude-suit
  • (R-X) fix EVB nude-suit equipped when EVB Best-fit disabled (if none enabled should do nothing to allow custom solution)
  • (R-X) fix case fail to remove nude-suit at end of animation due to equip error noted above
  • (R-X) added to scene picker when choose Pick-a-Scene - Spoon, old RufGt’s spoon animation
  • (R-X) AAF: fixed old RufGt’s spoon (599) with nude-suit/morph angle-up
  • ————————– 2.74-beta-test
  • added Test Menu/Feature Is Romanced Companion power-armor giltched? – exit holotape/MCM to complete test – glitch prevents AAF-play (in holotape, may need to click twice to refresh screen then exit)
  • (R-X) improved companion power-armor glitch detection pre-scene check if using AAF
  • (R-X) AAF: added Intimate AAF Scenes - “ignore PA-glitch” option to ignore companion power-armor glitch to use AAF anyway risking time-out issues
  • (R-X) AAF: smoothed transitions to AAC (not AAF) when scene-picker chooses incompatible animation or power-armor glitch including no-fade option and after-scene style
  • (R-X) reduced Endurance values for extended intimate scene play-times for more likely to get longer-playing scenes
  • (R-X) fixed 2.73 bug limiting same-gender females with strap-on on bed to FF for random pick (pick-a-scene worked)
  • ————————– 2.73-beta-test
  • (R-X) fix Lap Dance menu option not displaying for same-gender on recent message or begin message
  • (R-X) added new chair animations from FO4 Animations by Leito v2.1 and includes same-gender females having special armor item
  • (R-X) added new Strong scene animations from FO4 Animations by Leito v2.1 – seated cowgirl and reverse cowgirl for sofa, bench
  • (R-X) updated Leito v2 animations to full body-morph support and adjusted some morph values (enable Intimate Settings - BodyTalk-morphs)
  • (R-X) supports chair Relax+ if have FO4_AnimationsByLeito v2.1 without Savage Cabbage’s pack
  • (R-X) fix for same-gender female companion with armor toy failing to limit scenes (was working for player having armor item)
  • (R-X) fix: removed same-gender twerk dance inside sofa or stool
  • (R-X) AAF fix: unrestrained companions to allow AAF-walk and prevent AAF error message or time-out situation
  • (R-X) AAF fix (??): slow-scene start error starting scene anyway with characters redressed
  • (R-X) AAF fix: for non-AAF animations, pre-scene setup positioning correction and allow scene-cancel feature
  • (R-X) AAF: changed startup error handling for hopefully smoother experience and able to retry scene
  • (R-X) AAF: slow-scene error and scene-locked error now grants free retry on same furniture
  • (R-X) updated scenes on sleeping bag to prefer Orbit-View by default
  • (R-X) Memory Lounge armchair (or Mama Murphy’s chair) now forced Look-View–same animations on dining chair default to Orbit-View and may be changed
  • (R-X) Strong scenes: fix sofa animation playing on pick-spot to skip pick-spot and play on sofa
  • (R-X) Strong scenes: fix position on floor bed to avoid shaking orbit-view
  • (R-X) Strong scenes: can now Pick-a-Scene - oral/manual with supporting animation packs (Savage Cabbage, Mutant Lust)
  • (R-X) Strong scenes: adjusted morph angles for Leito’s and Savage Cabbage’s packs
  • (R-X) changed handling of dance-on-error: displays message for free retry which may include power-armor warning – still dance for Danse in power armor
  • (R-X) changed Leito spoon (610) to choose heading on bed based on player-character angle so in Look-View may face player (from foot of bed face towards center)
  • (R-X) removed from scene picker, Leito reverse-cowgirl-2 (109/609) for alignment issue

Changes 2.71.1 (2021-Sep-04)

  • (R-X) AAF-play now unequips weapons from player and companions in case of holstered/visible weapons mods
  • preference Undress Weapon for Sleep/Relax now includes Relax - Sit or Embrace useful for holstered/visible weapons mods
  • changed handling of backpacks to avoid condition when companion’s backpack pops back on before animated scene
  • recognizes jewelry from “DX Vintage Summer” suit to keep most jewelry equipped for sleep or intimacy
  • (R-X) fix repeated scenes at pool table and picnic table
  • (R-X) fix same-gender-females with strap-on item inventoried at pool table or picnic table select Oral will do oral instead of random
  • (R-X) old Leito animation player unequips weapons from player in case of holstered/visible weapons mods

Changes 2.70.2 (2021-July-29)

  • Danse-in-power-armor at double bed Savage Cabbage’s pack playing wrong animation – error introduced in v2.70

Changes 2.70.1 (2021-July-25)

  • fix timing for double-bed scene 707 (Savage Cabbage’s side doggy) stopping early cutting off last half of sequence
  • fix case a sequence of toggle Go-to-Bed get intimate when tired resulting in dressed in bed without “Rest” instead of “Awaken” activator

Changes 2.70 (2021-July-14)

  • fail intimacy check at bed now only go to sleep if tired
  • disabling notifications now also disables go-to-bed prompt
  • Cancel Scene (using Pip-boy button) now will automatically succeed next intimacy on same furniture (max 3 times); added notification message
  • (R-X) changed Scene View default (Orbit-or-Look-default) to use orbit on some furniture scenes that work well – use Orbit-or-Look-strict for original
  • (R-X) customize scene for Look-view or Orbit-view for Orbit-or-Look-default – enable Test Mode, cancel scene will prompt if scene may be customized
  • (R-X) Cancel Scene now returns player-character to origin to avoid getting stuck inside furniture
  • (R-X) added support for Savage Cabbage’s Animations 1.2.6 with new scenes and updated stages
  • — get intimate at workbenches armor (793) and weapon-wood (794)
  • — get intimate at pier railing (797) - use nearby chair to ‘Try railing’ (southeast of Bunker Hill find benches near railings, or outside of Far Harbor)
  • — new double-bed female-male-female (FMF) scene (700) and FM scenes (707, 709)
  • — get intimate with Strong at couch (773)
  • (R-X) Scene Look-View camera no longer gets bumped by NPCs – pass through camera (no collision); may see character’s internals
  • (R-X) new setting, Scene View Look-view (ghost/solid) to choose above feature - if disabling player collsions interferes with another mod, choose solid
  • (R-X) fix Scene Force-Orbit View (Test Menu) character placement – may cause shaking especially on animations intended for ground with adjusted height for bed (Leito’s v2 and some Atomic Lust)
  • — added Force-Orbit View override to Look-view for furniture/prop limitations where incompatible (such as inside sedan)
  • (R-X) fix dining table positioning – error since v2.40
  • (R-X) fix AAF-play no longer prompts view-positioning for props
  • (R-X) updated Throne seat to include manual/oral menu selection (Savage Cabbage’s)
  • (R-X) updated picnic/pool table Leito stand-doggy (153, 653) female-player-character to stand on table instead of sticking her face in table
  • (R-X) camera height correction for some on-table animations
  • (R-X) recognizes ottoman chair from DLCWorkshop03 for Savage Cabbage’s animations
  • changed spectator crowd package flags with fewer interrupts for goal to increase success look-at object
  • fix “Backpacks of the Commonwealth” added Wastelander’s Backpack to use ground-object when placed
  • recognizes backpack from “Vault 111 Outfit CBBE” by DeserterX


  • if default Scene View causing too much shaking or improperly placed characters, change preference to Orbit-or-Look-strict:
  • —- in holotape: choose Intimacy Menu -> Scene View - Orbit-or-Look-strict (if missing, enable Test Mode and find in Test Menu)
  • —- in MCM: Settings Preferences -> Test Settings -> Standard Scene View, and choose Orbit-or-Look-strict
  • Orbit-or-Look-strict will orbit only for embrace, pick-scene -> pick-position-stand, or older animations (Leito’s 1.4 and Crazy’s)
  • Orbit-view may shake when camera near objects–move view until steady
  • Orbit-view on some furniture may float the characters above (where Look-view in contact with surface)
  • Force-Orbit-view intended for testing and may cause shaking or alignment issues especially for scenes where furniture in way of placement or characters are height-adjusted from floor animation onto bed
  • default Scene View (Orbit-or-Look-default) will now Orbit-view for most seats, tables, desks, workbenches, motorcycles
  • Force-Orbit-view override to Look-view for: sedan, dance pole, jail-oral, throne, and railing (object in way of camera or character placement)
  • Orbit-view uses and positions your character in the animation
  • Look-view clones your character to place in animation and your character becomes a ghost controlling the camera

Changes 2.64.1 (2021-June-14)

  • (R-X) AAF-play fixed no-fade Scene option to skip fade-out
  • (R-X) AAF-play optional files update for Savage Cabbage’s Animations added missing IDs for double-bed scene 712

Changes 2.64 (2021-May-24)

  • added preference Intimacy Setting, Kiss Align - enable to scale companion for better kiss alignment
  • fix case equip both Intimate Lover Rings on companion then remove one caused True Love! quest running with no-name lover
  • when no-name lover (Lover […]), equip Intimate Lover Ring on anyone should correct or clear quest
  • (R-X) fix case on intimacy forces hugs when multiple followers without Intimate Lover Ring and one follower is invalid race (synth like Nick Valentine)
  • (R-X) fix 2nd lover no invitation for synth or inappropriate race for multi-lover
  • (R-X) fix case on intimacy female same gender plays embrace due to incorrecly random skip Leito’s pack selection

Changes 2.63 (2021-Apr-12)

  • fix redress 2nd lover using custom body (Heather Casdin or unique follower)
  • (R-X) recognizes Vioxsis_Strap-Ons.esp (by an3k on LL) armor items as strap-on gear
  • added patch for Vioxis_Strap-Ons.esp by an3k (LL) - Vioxsis_Strap-Ons_SIXPatch.esp - adds items to Sleep Intimate craft menu, reduces weight, adds bare-foot sounds, adds another color

Changes 2.62 (2021-Mar-30)

  • armor mannequins from “Functional Displays” mod recognized as non-human for counting potential voyeurs
  • Atom Cats Garage location rating upgraded from wilderness to town for improved intimacy chance

Changes 2.61 (2021-Feb-20)

  • restored followers support for “Unique Player and Follower Redux” - for males, advise using morphs
  • fix Heather Casdin’s unique body

Changes 2.60 (2021-Jan-30)

  • fix: shaking during embrace (tested on Home Plate cracked wood floor) – still best on level ground away from obstacles
  • fix: reduced companion fade-out (blinking) distance during embrace when Settings Custom Camera enabled
  • updated preference setting and added toggle Redress after Rest for player-character (Outfit Container Quick Dress always redress); new messages for toggle
  • new MCM hotkey to toggle Redress after Rest
  • fix: embrace at bed when player-character naked no longer equips sleep clothes
  • fix: unrecognized player-race mod may embrace at bed, no adult animations
  • fix: dance pole case showing Embrace-menu to just dance
  • note: “AnimeRace Nanakochan” by hiyokomod (NanaRace) uses custom body; mod permissions restricts modification: embrace only (no adult animations), no craft or equip bottom-less camisole nighty
  • fix: companion failed to put on sleep outfit – backup force-bump may remove problematic outfit (see IEX suit)
  • updated Undress System to support companion custom race body
  • Strong lover Rest on incompatible bed goes straight to sleep instead “disagrees with situation” message
  • added support for AES “Renovated Furniture” double beds for companion go-to-bed and R-X animations; chairs recognized for R-X animations
  • added more child companion detection
  • added message, DTSleep_VersionDowngrade, and version check to warn loading save-game with newer SI version (such as if trying to switch from R-to-XOXO)
  • updated holotape and MCM help text for newer features and spelling errors
  • (XOXO) hid unecessary holotape preference settings: Intimacy Cancel Scene
  • (R-X) is now ahead of XOXO version number (+0.0001) to ensure switching from XOXO does full upgrade
  • (R-X) Embrace at diner booth with Savage Cabbage’s pack (SC) plays clothed sit-and-flirt animation
  • (R-X) may force XOXO mode to ignore animation packs and embrace instead - see setting, Intimate Scenes
  • (R-X) fix Cancel Scene for Dance Pole Dance and Lap Dance
  • (R-X) early fade-out scene-timer fix for low endurance reducing time where not applicable
  • (R-X) custom race with custom body restrict body-swap so may keep swaps enabled for other characters
  • (R-X) fix lap dance same-gender-female stripper seated so stripper dances
  • (R-X) fix lap-dance-chair for same-gender hides/displays Oral/Manual based on available animation packs and will play pick-spot oral on selection
  • (R-X) fix Relax+: included stool with tag, AnimFurnStoolWithBar, for (Diamond City near cook bench) missing stool (was already included for regular embrace Relax)
  • (R-X) Pick-a-Scene force low-camera (Custom Camera enabled) for floor animations from “Old RufGt’s” and “Gray’s”

Changes 2.53 (not released)

  • added player-only bed variants, Intimate Private Bed and Intimate Private Coffin
  • — considered unavailable; romanced companions will not seek for sleeping (Immersive Rest preference)
  • — no settler assignment (lacks workshop-resource flag) which may improve compatibility with Sim Settlements features
  • adjusted intimate chance calculations
  • — increased same-lover bonus
  • — added chance improvement for having SI perks, Busy-Day or Exhibitionist
  • — same-day penalty reduced with more emphasis on endurance value (higher endurance reduces penalty)
  • — holiday bonus increases
  • — nearby awake child penalty increased (not embrace)
  • chair reduced priority nearby-actor message and increased priority recent-intimacy message
  • (R-X) chair nearby prop restricted to props on same floor level
  • recognize “Lovers Luxury Bed” mods “Lady Killer” and “Black Widow” as double-bed R-X animation and companion-go-to-bed unless private
  • recognize beds from “Clean Beds” mod for companion-go-to-bed
  • recognize beds from “Cozy Beds” mod double/single for R-X animations and for companion-go-to-bed unless private
  • (R-X) recognize bunk beds from “This is MY Bed”, and all beds considered private–companions will not seek
  • (R-X) fix SC double-bed-side-doggy (712) for full 6 stages and long scene loop to stage 3 instead of stage 2 standing
  • (R-X) fix SC shower (747) to replace stage-6-climax (appears male wrong position) with stage-4 repeat
  • (R-X) added random stage to SC bed cowgirl (704) for more variation
  • (R-X) changed to restrict scene to oral-pick only and updated appropriate menus to add oral/manual
  • (R-X) — bed Savage Cabbage (SC) hand-job-tit-job (711) and added blowjob variation (710)
  • (R-X) — pool table SC cunninglus (756) and added Leito standing blowjob (150/650) for picnic table or pool table if without SC
  • (R-X) — pre-war sedan SC blowjob+cowgirl (791)
  • (R-X) updated pool table SC cunninglus (756) to position actors on nearest side based on player heading

Changes 2.52 (not released)

  • recognize “Utility Belt” by jags78 as a quest item to restrict moving belt to Outfit Container and Intimate Bed container

Changes 2.51 (2020-11-17)

  • when multiple lovers nearby and none wearing intimate ring, will give higher priority pick to faithful lover when primary follower even if seated
  • (R-X) pick-spot spectators gather around player instead of furniture
  • (R-X) Relax+ added more desks for Savage Cabbage’s desk animations (752) - industrial desk (connectables) and workshop vault desk
  • (R-X) Relax+ same-gender Pick-Spot replaces embrace when no available chair/table animations – both selections “Consider Intimacy” and “Pick-Spot” will do pick-spot
  • (R-X) Relax+ same-gender-female (FF) fix picnic table and Intimate Pool Table choose oral / manual to get oral
  • (R-X) Intimate Pool Table and picnic table: replaced Leito’s cowgirl-reversed (109) with doggy (103) which works better for FF
  • (R-X) Relax+ Try Table? - removed from list FancyTableRectangle01 for being too small for animation
  • (R-X) Relax+ checks nearby table is upright

Changes 2.50 (2020-10-17)

  • Mark Overcoat, Mark Mask, and Mark Backpack now detects equip on companion
  • (R-X) updated for Savage Cabbage’s 1.2.5: additional stages added to FMM bunk bed (715), FMM double-bed (706, 707), FMM couch (735), seat cowgirl (758), jail carry (796), Behemoth
  • detect “CROSS Courser Strigidae” jacket and helmet
  • (R-X) now pick-spot only for Savage Cabbage standing ‘caught’ animation; no longer random select for furniture

Changes 2.49 (2020-09-12)

  • (R-X) updated for Savage Cabbage’s 1.2.4: additional stages added to FMM bunk bed (715), sofa oral (781), shower (747), bed cowboy (704) FMM-floor (705)
  • should no longer be able to equip Intimate Lover Ring on a robot follower
  • recognizes “CROSS Vertibird Flightsuit” jacket as jacket

Changes 2.48 (2020-08-27)

  • changed on Rest recent-radiation-damage warning to skip warning if radiation resistance is high enough; resistance limit may be adjusted in settings
  • fixed Immersive Rest Fast-Time abruptly returning to constant-time just after starting
  • fixed Dance selection from menu on intimate furniture (motorcycle, pool table, sedan) when seats set for embrace
  • “APC Transport” mod sleeping bag marked no-Rest due to lack of space for animations – use normal sleep
  • holotape Sleep Clothes Menu - intimate outfit and sleep outfit reports if includes hands
  • child spectator no clap, no cheer for intimate scene; clap for dance
  • (R-X) holotape Sleep Clothes Menu - may set equipped intimate outfit or sleep outfit to include hands (or want to include gloves)
  • (R-X) TheKite VTS by default keeps gloves on for intimate scene or sleep
  • (R-X) for FMM scene if choose oral/manual will always do furniture group scene without random chance for stand scene

Changes 2.47 (not released)

  • new setting for sleep, Undress Weapon (DTSleep_SettingUndressWeapon) un-equip main weapon: 0=never, 1=companion, 2=player, 3=both (animated embrace and intimate scenes always removes weapon)
  • restored Pip-Boy undress preference to Sleep and Undress setting in holotape and added to MCM (forgot it for version 2.0 update holotape menu restruction)
  • undress pip-boy compatibility improvement for unique player body mod
  • undress 2nd companion support unique follower body mod
  • correction for intimacy mid-sleep bonus for repeat attempt within an hour at half normal penalty
  • recognizes OakleyMFrame as glasses for keep-equip/remove preference

Changes 2.46 (2020-07-23)

  • recognizes “Nora Spouse” ESM (in addition to esp version since v2.10) Nora immediately available for intimacy
  • R-X: updated to support Savage Cabbage 1.2.3: – extended human scenes: Dance Pole (741) +2 stages, Kitchen Counter (786) – extended super mutant scenes: (761, 763, 767, 768) 2 stand, 2 sm-bed, and behemoth (774) – new FMM scene: Kitchen Counter (FMM_786) – Relax+ at nearby chair to pick from menu

Changes 2.45 (2020-06-19)

  • fix for Immersive Rest fast-wait-time screen-effect not removing at end of sleep auto-exit
  • R-X: male body morphs for BodyTalk, super mutant, behemoth – requires LooksMenu; set Intimacy - BodyTalk (Morph Enabled)
  • R-X: added Intimacy Settings - Super Mutant Body Morph
  • R-X: super mutant behemoth now supports morph and nude body swap - based on Leito’s meshes, BodySlide shared by Ulfbearth’s creature resources
  • R-X: fixed limited Strong companion scene selection error from v2.40
  • R-X: correction timing for SavageCabbage 1.04 motorbike (746)
  • R-X: added new SavageCabbage 1.2.2 motorbike (746) 3 stages
  • R-X: added new SavageCabbage 1.2.2 climax stages to bench (759), couch spoon (736), couch02 (735), Desk01 (752)
  • R-X: added new SavageCabbage 1.2.2 super mutant climax stages to 3 double-bed scenes (764-766) and floor01-wheelbarrow (763)
  • R-X: added new SavageCabbage 1.2.2 super mutant behemoth floor01-cowgirl (774) climax
  • R-X: “Atomic Lust” chair blowjob scene picker correction limit to choosing Manual / Oral
  • R-X: updated nude rings for super mutant with correct body
  • R-X: changed behemoth scene view to orbit-view
  • R-X: removed Test Mode requirement for behemoth

note: for Leito’s pack the standard animation player always swaps even if set to morph

Changes 2.44b (2020-06-14)

  • updated sleep-recover end-sleep to ensure fast-time screen-effect removed
  • updated Stop Sleep Intimate to end sleep-recover and Immersive Rest fast-time
  • R-X: correction for Savage Cabbage 1.2+ FMM scenes erection angles (some oral misaligned)
  • R-X: added BodySlide for BodyTalk3 with new presets with Erection slider at 100% – V2 still available; pick correct version

Changes 2.43 R-X (2020-06-07)

  • fixed Papyrus error introduced in v2.41 (no affect on game)
  • correction for jails in Quincy (Savage Cabbage’s 1.2)

Changes 2.42 R-X (2020-06-07)

  • updated for Savage Cabbage’s 1.2.1
  • – jail oral position changed
  • – added jail oral intro tease stage
  • – added 2 stages to Federalist couch reverse cowgirl
  • scene timing adjustments for some Savage Cabbage 1.2 scenes

Changes 2.41 (2020-05-26)

  • added support for mod “Construct a Custom Companion” by Karel2015 (PersonalGuard) - equip Intimate Lover’s Ring; also available as second lover
  • chair Relax activation temporarily disables Relax/Rest activation to prevent double-activation
  • (R-X) chair Relax+ now allows sit/hug even with recent radiation damage like normal Relax
  • (R-X) jail animation positioning correction for jails in Quincy (3 on flatbed)

Changes 2.40 (2020-05-13)

2.40a: correction for players using old SleepIntimateX_Anims with Leito’s v2.0 installed causing character positions offset from each other 2.40a: added update case when SleepIntimateX_Anims.esp removed after previously adding Leito’s v2.0 —————-

  • new preference setting to disable health recovery - individually enable/disable health or fatigue recovery
  • intimacy chance improved for workshop bed indoors not recognized as private (not on compatibility list) – may be rented bed or custom home
  • Strong love: chance for ‘friends with super mutants’ bonus for limited time allows travel near super mutants without aggression - canceled by swimming or killing a super mutant
  • MCM added missing preference setting for fatigue recovery
  • added to crime area: Fens Intersection (outside Diamond City around police station)
  • R-X: chairs or props having multiple scene choices prompt includes Oral/Manual selection to force pick
  • R-X: updated existing Savage Cabbage’s scenes to 1.2
  • R-X: added new Savage Cabbage’s chair scenes: ottoman, diner booth, federalist couch, throne cowgirl, kitchen counter (Relax+ nearby chair)
  • R-X: added new Savage Cabbage’s 1.2 scenes for bed and floor
  • R-X: added new Savage Cabbage’s 1.2 jail scenes - activate ‘Get Intimate’ on jail door, swinging or sliding – may disable door scenes
  • R-X: Strong companion now supports Pick-a-Scene if have Savage Cabbage’s pack
  • R-X: Strong love 2nd super mutant partner scenes - must be friends with super mutants and Strong love 16+ times - requires Savage Cabbage’s pack
  • R-X: (Test Mode) added Codsworth and Curie robot as (easy) partners with preference Extra NPCs - requires Savage Cabbage’s pack 1.2+ (single 3-stage scene)
  • R-X: (Test Mode) added super mutant behemoth as potential partner with preference Extra NPCs and Strong love 26+ times
  • R-X: preference to disable/enable prop search when using chairs
  • R-X: fixed missing AAF position IDs for super mutant doggy-style at bed (768)
  • R-X: fixed Strong double-bed-stand-69 scene (764) positioned at bed
  • R-X: adjusted Savage Cabbage’s Strong scene timings


Jail animations repositioned to fit most jails. For oral scene, characters positioned at door and the carry scene positioned either just to the right side of door (facing into jail cell), or for tiny jail positioned sideways on the left.

‘friends with super mutants’ duration varies by Strong intimate experience and if have Wasteland Whisperer perk - no Wasteland Whisperer = 8 real-time minutes (over 2.5 game-time hours at default TimeScale) - low experience (<16) = 12 real-time minutes - some experience (<24) = 20 real-time minutes - max is 1 real-time hour, or all game day at default TimeScale

super mutant behemoth scenes - must be friends and have Strong as companion - mininum Strong love experience 26 - no behemoth body swap; morph should work with AAF + Looksmenu — may work on solution for standard player