Designate your true love with the Intimate Lover Ring. Only the companion wearing this ring will be considered for intimate scenes or hugs, and a quest helps you locate your true love. Besides remaining faithful (and improving chance over time), the ring provides a small bonus for intimacy chance.

Intimate Lover Ring is part of Sleep Intimate XB1 or XOXO and Sleep Intimate - R, a mod for Fallout 4.

how to start using ring

For custom companions, procedure works best if companion is following.

  1. your companion should be romantically interested
  2. craft at a chemistry station (enable crafting in General Settings) under Sleep Intimate category, Intimate Lover Ring
  3. equip on your companion using the Trade Menu, and a quest, Intimate True Love, will start showing name and location of your lover
  4. only your true love will be considered for Rest at bed or Relax at chair, and available if nearby and not sleeping

As long as your true love has the ring equipped, other romantically interested companions will be ignored ensuring your character remains faithful. Locate lover using the quest log to designate on map. You may remove the ring and give to another companion as often as you wish, although by sacrificing accumulated faithfull score. If companion dressed in outfit using ring body slot, craft the alternate ring ‘Intimate Lover Ring Sh’ for the shield body slot (59).

If quest fails to start for custom companion, enable Test Mode, and try equipping ring again. After quest starts you may disable Test Mode.

Known issue: equipping both rings on same companion may break the Intimate True Love! quest – only equip one ring at a time. If the quest log for “Intimate True Love!” displays, “Lover […]” (instead of companion’s name), remove all Intimate Lover Rings then use Sleep Intimate holotape to restart the mod: Stop Sleep Intimate, exit Pip-boy, access Pip-boy to Start Sleep Intimate again.

Heather Casdin: after completing Heather’s romance, attempt intimacy or embrace once before equip the ring on her.

Sleepv2RingCraft 512


  • companion sitting on chair or using workstation will be available (normally without ring companion considered busy when seated)
  • provides an intimacy chance bonus
  • only one companion at a time - may craft multiple rings, but only one counts
  • some custom armors may bump the ring off - review Trade Menu or check quest log
  • ring uses standard ring body slot, or craft alternate ring for shield slot
  • supports “Heather Casdin” and “Wastelander Barb” in-love status
  • should work with most custom companions


cannot find at chemistry station

  • ensure craft setting enabled: General Settings Menu, Chem Craft Sleepwear (Enabled)
  • check if already have the ring in inventory

equipped ring on companion, but nothing happened!

  • ensure only one companion has a ring equipped
  • companion needs to have high affinity
  • if custom companion assigned to settlement then try remove from settlement
  • check quest log: if “Intimate True Love!” quest active, stated lover is your current lover or if “Lover […]” then unequip all Lover Rings and restart Sleep Intimate using holotape

Intimate True Love quest not in log or shows wrong companion!

  • does your companion have the ring equipped? may have been bumped off
  • remove all rings from all companions and equip on desired companion
  • ring limited to a single companion

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