This page covers optional Seat Scenes feature for Sleep Intimate XB1 / XOXO. At a chair, bench, sofa, or stool, activate ‘Relax’ to get comfortable. Sit on your own, or embrace your romantic companion. With preference settings set to undress (situational or all), hats, backpacks, glasses, and sometimes jackets may be removed for more comfortable hugs or sitting. Seat Scenes may be disabled in the holotape Intimacy Settings menu.

See the demonstration video on YouTube:



Intimate Embrace perk

  • +16 Sex Appeal and +1 Luck for limited time (8 hours)
  • may be stacked with Intimate Rested

why seats?

Similar to bed, I wanted to automatically remove backpack and other heavy gear to sit comfortably. A player requested hug anywhere, so a chair seemed like a natural place to embrace a companion and in keeping with the game rules about waiting. Since these are normal hugs, and not bed-time kisses (plus your imagination), minimum chance to embrace is 35% and also helps improve your Sex Appeal skill. Dance if you like, and up to two companions may join in.

Why can embrace fail? Skill system to represent a bad moment or whatever your imagination conjures. Once Sex Appeal is high enough, hugs happen! No restrictions for dancing, so dance away.

how to Relax at seats

This feature is optional. If another mod changes furniture (chairs or sofas) and this feature causes conflict, disable Seat Scenes to use the other mod feature. Find in holotape, Intimacy Settings and set to Seat Scenes (Disabled). After finished using other mod then may re-enable Seat Scenes.

  1. Seats Scenes enabled (default)
  2. like beds, make sure not over-encumbered, not sneaking, have weapon holstered, and not in power armor
  3. if companion in power armor, ask companion to exit first (no hugs in power armor!)
  4. approach an empty chair, bench, sofa, or stool leaving some open space for your companion to squeeze in – flat ground is best
  5. activate ‘Relax’ (second choice)
  6. if companion is ready and romantically interested, a menu appears to select ‘Embrace’ ‘Sit’ or ‘Dance’
  7. select ‘Embrace’ and if pass check, character will announce success and scene begins - else will sit down

The DLC Weight Bench is a seat, too! Relax sit to remove backpack, hat, or jacket for lifting weights.

Chance to embrace based on Sex Appeal and location scores with a higher minimum than beds. On fail, your character will voice negatively and sit down. Hug or kiss on success! Chance for kiss depends on your gender preference set in the holotape. Notifications for companion unavailable will display in accordance to preference, Companion Busy Reminder. Worn backpack placed near feet comes with carry adjustment to keep from becoming over-encumbered during hug, and pack equipped again on scene end.

After the scene or exiting the chair Pip-Boy will be inaccessible until finished redressing which may be a second or two.


Without a companion, your character may sit comfortably and optionally set the backpack down. Hats, masks, and backpacks removed. If indoors or summer, jackets and combat armor may come off, too. Backpack placement preference may be adjusted in holotape, Backpack Menu for sleep-and-chairs, sleep-only, or disabled. A duffel bag may seem too large chairs, so consider adjusting.



  • companions enjoy sitting! before activate chair, ask companion to stand or briefly sneak to cancel companion from pathing to same chair
  • pick a chair away from busy settler walk paths to avoid getting bumped into during embrace
  • if characters stop to try to talk during embrace, consider a less-talk mod to reduce talk frequency
  • take advantage of the perk! embrace at chair a few hours before bed to improve chance for bed-time intimacy

custom chair and props

Use workshop to build a private chair which settlers will ignore. Find in Furniture -> Sleep Intimate menu.


Using workshop build Intimate Pool Table or Intimate Motorcycle to decorate in choice of colors. You may activate these props to embrace a companion. Each prop comes in two color choices.




Most base-game and DLC chairs supported, but a few (such as Power Noodles stand) may not have ‘Relax’ activation option. Most custom chairs from mods should work as long as they can be used to sit and wait.

Another mod that changes chair activation not compatible unless its feature may be disabled. To use other mod’s feature, in holotape Intimacy Settings disable Seat Scenes.


characters shake during embrace

  • stand on flat floor and with open space between character and furniture
  • try rotating view


See the Sleep Intimate XB1 / XOXO page for complete list of credits.