Calculation Card Game

Calculation begins with an ace, two, three, and four dealt to their respective foundation stacks. The Ace foundation stack builds up in sequence regardless of suit to king. The Two stack builds by counting by twos, overflowing from queen (12) to ace and on up to king (2-4-8-10-Q-A-3-5-7-9-J-K). Play to the Three stack counting by threes, and the last counting by fours. The top deck card may be played to a foundation stack or discarded to one of the tableau piles. From the tableau, the top card in each discard pile may be played to a foundation stack. The game is won once all cards have been played to the foundation; all four stacks have a king. If no more possible moves exist, the game is lost.


Strategy involves choice of piles to discard the top deck card to building in reverse order if possible. The player may review the covered cards within the tableau piles so as to choose the best top card to play next unlocking more plays.

Playing Draco Calculation

Follow the in-game instructions, or tap the hint icon (?) if you need a suggestion.

In Draco Calculation, the next deck card is automatically revealed. Play a card by tapping or dragging. Tap once to select a card and tap a stack to play to, or double-tap to send to a foundation stack. Start a new game at any time by tapping the dragon icon, select a difficulty level, and tap the New Game button. Choose another theme in the options menu by tapping the gear icon. Expert level is limited to three discard piles and begins the game with empty foundation stacks.

Scoring and Game Center

Draco Calculation records cumulative total score (per device) and your win rate displayed on the statistics page by level of difficulty and overall. Scoring is as follows:

  • 1 point for each card played to a foundation stack.
  • 100 points for winning on Normal difficulty.
  • 700 points for winning on Expert difficulty.

Those using Game Center will find the following leaderboards:

  • Overall Total Score - cumulative total for all difficulty levels.
  • Regular Total Score - cumulative total for regular games (Beginner and Normal).
  • Expert Total Score - cumulative total for Expert games.
  • Regular Win Rate - win average per 1000 regular games.
  • Expert Win Rate - win average per 1000 Expert games.

Win Rate is updated after playing at least 20 games and a win. Find leaderboards by selecting Top Scores from the games menu.

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