This tool is aimed at developers or content scrapers doing frequent work with regular expressions. Draco RegexTest for Windows OS includes productivity features such as storing expressions, removing or inserting escaped characters, auto-escape and auto-insert common sequences. A checked box means the software will test the expression with the source text in the big box on the right side. The plus-sign button adds to expression to the table of favorites. Checking a box within the table tests the expression. Resulting matches appear at the bottom. List of favorite regular expressions is saved automatically to XML in your Documents directory.

See the original blog post covering the background.

Current features:

  • Grab Source Selection (CTL+G) copies selection from source into working edit box with auto-escaped special characters.
  • strip escaped escapes (CTL+U) from working edit box. Useful for after pasting from source code.
    • CTL+Shift+U does the opposite
  • double-click row header of favorites to insert into edit box.
  • pre-check expression warns common issues such as double-OR characters (   ).
  • drop-down list of capture group names to limit result table.
  • search source text.
  • matched strings highlighted in source.

Requires .NET runtime on Windows OS.


Find the source on GitHub for Visual Studio 2013.