This page covers how to setup a custom male or female body for naughty scenes for Sleep Intimate X.


Animation packs supporting ZeX skeleton with BodyTalk2 and Fusion Girl include:

  • “Atomic Lust”
  • SavageCabbage 1.1 and 1.2+



Options for BodyTalk include nude-suit swap or morph supporting both the internal standard player and AAF-play. Sleep Intimate comes with EVB and BodySlide slider set to build BodyTalk2. Replace with your choice of body style by follwoing the directions for ‘different custom body’ below.

Recomended body mods:

note: BodyTalk incompatible with some older non-AAF animations and ZaZOut4

BodyTalk nude-suit/body swapping requires BodySlide files from BodyTalk or if you want to build your own morph file

Original slider set by TheBottomHoodOfSteel (TBOS). If looking for shape most similar to EVB, try the “Swimmer” preset.

BodyTalk Method 0: Morphs - requires LooksMenu and F4SE

  1. if you build your body in BodySlide, check the box for Build Morphs at bottom and ensure Erection is 0% (flaccid)
  2. in MCM/Holotape set Intimacy - BodyTalk: (morphs Enabled)
  3. if using Leito’s pack with standard animation player, also build nude-suit files – see Method 1

BodyTalk Method 1: using BodySlide

BodySlide slider set files for both BodyTalkV2 and BodyTalk3 included in main R-X download. If using V2, look for “V2” in place of “V3”:

  1. in Outfit/Body box choose SI-BodyTalk-V3-Erect
  2. choose a BodyTalk preset, BT3-Swimmer-SI or BT3-Muscular-SI (for V2, choose any), verify Erection at 100% and Build Morphs unchecked, then Build
  3. in Outfit/Body choose SI-BodyTalk-V3-ErectDown and build
  4. in Outfit/Body choose SI-BodyTalk-V3-ErectUp and build
  5. in game, use MCM or holotape Intimacy (near bottom) set BodyTalk (nude-suits enabled)
  6. recommended to leave Leito EVB Best-Fit (All) for older animations

BodyTalk Method 2: DIY using BodySlide:

  • body files are located in Data\meshes\actors\character\CharacterAssets
  1. Choose the Outfit/Body TBOS-BodyTalk-V2 and your preset (Swimmer or Muscular)
  2. adjust value in box for slider Erection Length to -16 (optional or try other vallues to reduce clipping through)
  3. adjust value in box for slider Erection to 0, build and rename file MaleBody.nif to MaleBody_BT2Nude.nif
  4. adjust value in box for slider Erection Point Down to 112, build and rename file MaleBody.nif to MaleBody_BT2Nude_Down.nif
  5. reset Erection Point Down to 0 and set slider Erection Point Up to 120 (for near matching EVB, or set to 100), build and rename file MaleBody.nif to MaleBody_BT2Nude_Up.nif
  6. repick your Preset to reset all sliders back to default and build your default body
  7. in game, use holotape Intimacy Settings Menu (near bottom) enable BodyTalk nude-suits
  8. if using older non-AAF animation packs, also set EVB Best-fit following instructions below – leaving EVB Best-fit disabled prevents scene picker from choosing older animations

EVB nude-suit swapping (nude-suit files included in mod file)

  1. ensure EVB flaccid body is installed including textures
  2. in game, use holotape Intimacy Settings Menu and near bottom adjust Leito EVB Best-Fit to All

Sleep Intimate includes the EVB body files, but you may install customized loose files following steps below under “different custom body”

If using both EVB for older animations and BodyTalk for newer animations, and want similar body shapes, choose the BodyTalk “Swimmer” preset.

a different custom body

  1. install male erect body of choice
  2. in folder, Data\meshes\actors\actors\CharacterAssets rename file MaleBody.nif to MaleBody_Nude.nif
  3. install male flaccid body of choice
  4. in game, use holotape Intimacy Settings Menu and near bottom adjust Leito EVB Best-Fit to Basic

If you also have files for erection up and down, choose Best-fit All and names those two files as: MaleBody_Nude_Up.nif and MaleBody_Nude_Down.nif.


Recomended body mods:

Want to use a different body mod for sex scenes? Your sex-scene body could be the same body mod with uniqueness added, or another body mod. Let’s say we’re using CBBE for all our outfits and primary nude body, but we want to take advantage of “Fusion Girl” for sex animations. We can do that! Both custom body mods must use compatible textures. “Fusion Girl” and CBBE may use the same textures. Experience with BodySlide recommended.

The first step to use two different body mods is to get the body shapes similar in appearance. Use BodySlide to create a new preset. Some of “Fusion Girl” sliders will be similar to CBBE, but most slider adjustements may require some eye-balling.

Find the body files in Data\meshes\actors\character\CharacterAssets

  1. in BodySlide create a preset and build the sex body (ie: Fusion Girl)
  2. rename FemaleBody.nif to FemaleBody_Nude.nif
  3. build the hands and rename FemaleHands.nif to FemaleHands_Nude.nif
  4. in BodySlide build the regular body and the hands (ie: CBBE)
  5. in game, use holotape Intimacy Settings Menu and near bottom find Female nude-suits
  6. set as desired: “Enabled all” for all animation packs, “ZeX” for animation packs supporting ZeX skeleton, or “EVB/CBBE” if your body is CBBE