This page covers the optional mature-only, sex version of Sleep Intimate (R) mod for Fallout 4, PC-only. For hugs-and-kisses play, see Sleep Intimate XB1 / XOXO page. If finding art-nudity or animated sex offensive then please navigate to another page.

Sleep Intimate supports animated sex scenes on or around a bed or chair. Requires one or more animation packs.

Update v2.84+ now supports custom-height companion for most animations using standard animation player (AAC). Set Kiss Actor Align (Enabled-Default).



A custom nude body required for animations. Be aware that animation creators design for specific body, so different bodies may result in misalignment. Review recommendations given by creators of animation packs.

female body: recommend “Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Enhancer” (CBBE) (Nexusmods) or “ZeX Fusion Girl (LL-adult ads)

If you want to use a different body for sex scenes than your regular body/outfits, see the Setup Custom Body page.

male body: have one of the following:

See page, Setup Custom Body, for configuring body swapping or build BodyTalk nude suits using BodySlide.

Note: BodyTalk v2 incompatible with SleepIntimateX_Anims, Crazy’s pack, and old Leito’s v1.4 pack, and ZaZOut4 - be sure to follow instructions on setup body page.

For AAF-play - requires additional XML files noted in instructions below.

  • require EVB Best-fit or BodyTalk nude-suits enabled, but you may edit XMLs to enable AAF morphs instead

For scenes with Strong, consider installing nude super mutant body files.

how-to get intimate with sexy animation packs

  1. install an animation pack - see list of supported packs below
  2. with romanced companion standing nearby, choose a position providing good view
  3. activate ‘Rest’ on bed, ‘Relax+’ on seat, or ‘Get Intimate’ on pillory (pack dependent)
  4. if enabled, prompt may offer additional options including Pick Scene for bed, or alternate furniture (pack dependent) which may adjust chance
  5. after success, watch naughty animation (or a hug), else if failed wait a few hours to try again (attempt cool-down period)

sex scene features

  • Endurance determines duration (multi-stage, sequenced scenes only)
  • companions have different preferences and letting companion decide improves chance, or player may select a style from prompt (Pick Scene)
  • Pick Scene - Standing allows player time to pick a location on floor or ground for the scene – best flat with open space in front and behind
  • oral/manual animations must be chosen from scene picker if available for selected furniture
  • sex animation scene picker chooses semi-randomly based on bed size, gender roles, companion, and gender preference
  • other furniture–chairs, benches, sofas, desks–available with supported animation pack and options Seated Scenes Sex selected – see Sleep Intimate R-X Seats page

pick a scene

Preference setting Prompt for Intimacy (Pick Scene) found in Intimacy Settings menu.

This selection opens a menu with selections depending on the situation and animation pack availability. Choose to let companion decide for improved chance, or choose a sex style for a small penalty. Each companion has preferences, so letting the companion decide may limit scenes with same companion. Selecting ‘Stand / Pick Spot’ starts a count-down timer to let you position your character with enough space in front and behind. Some animations may only loosely fit the category and same-gender scenes are quite limited, but for the most part you should expect the style selected.

Si3 IntPromptFM

how-to stop the naughty animations and play hugs-and-kisses

If you have naughty animations packs installed and want to have embrace senes at bed instead, you may force XOXO-mode. Choose a method:

  • holotape: open Intimate Menu, change Intimate Anim to XOXO-mode - to switch back, change to X (adult-only)
  • MCM: change preference settings, Intimate Scenes to enabled-XOXO-mode or Extra NPCs-XOXO (also check Seat Scenes is Embrace)

recommended mods

If using BodyTalk, at minimum only need the required ZeX skeleton. Leito’s animations designed for EVB male and CBBE female. “Atomic Lust” and SavageCabbage v1.1 best with BodyTalk an Fusion Girl for animated genitals. See the Custom Body page for available customization options and directions.

supported animation packs

warning: site displays adult ads

Endurance skill determines length of sex scene for sequenced animations. Animated scenes may take place on bed or on the ground beside the bed such as standing positions. Bed type and size determine available scenes with ground mattress and sleeping bag having the most available. Sleep Intimate selects from all available animation mods and chooses scene based on situation.

To learn more about these animation packs including scene support, see animation packs overview below. Except for the first two packs listed below, AAF not required to play the animations.

Note: Savage Cabbage’s Animations mod-installer (FOMod) requires AAF.esm plugin to be present and activated even though AAF not actually required to play. Trick the mod-installer by temporarily installing AAF. After installing Savage Cabbage’s Animations, uninstall AAF before playing.

old packs still supported - incompatible with BodyTalk (keep EVB Best-fit enabled):

  • “FO4 Animations by Leito” v1.4
  • SleepIntimateX_Anims patch - animations created by Leito – keep for existing play-through to avoid disconnected references when removing mid-game

Only the animations assets will be used from these mods if the plugin is found to play through included standard animation controller or optionally AAF. Sleep Intimate scene setup makes some improvements such as positioning on or around furniture, support more furniture by custom placement, length of sequences, and variety. The type of bed and character genders may limit available animations. Be aware that same-gender sequences are limited, and two females may require a strap-on armor item in inventory for Leito’s scenes. Also realize that Leito’s animations intended for male-female pair and may include male voices.

All animation packs are supported by the included Sleep Intimate Animation Controller (AAC) without any requirements (no F4SE needed). Some packs may optionally be played through AAF API which also requires additional files to be installed. Below I review the differences between AAC and AAF animation players, and also see AAF scene notes and trouble-shooting sections.

  1. review animation packs overview and requirements below
  2. install and activate SleepIntimate (version 2 R-X)
  3. download optional file, Sleep Intimate optional files for AAF
  4. use mod manager FOMod installer to select files for your installed animation packs, or manually copy the files from zip-archive
  5. in game, use MCM or holotape to enable Intimate AAF Scenes

If you prefer letting AAF control morphs/swaps you may edit the XML files and for Sleep Intimate settings, disable EVB Best-fit and BodyTalk2 nude-suits.

SIXHugbehind Hdr

tank top intimate clothing - modified ‘Commonwealth Shorts’ and animation by Leito

supported adult clothing/armor

Strap-on gear only used for same-gender female (FF) scenes with Leito’s animation pack. Put in inventory of companion or player’s character before activating ‘Rest’ at bed.

Also see the patch download, VIO SIX Patch, for VIO StrapOn which includes bare-foot sound, adds black-and-camo variation, and crafting at chem station.

More adult gear may be identified using the settings holotape. A strap-on dildo found in inventory will be automatically equipped for FF scene. Trade the strap-on dildo to your companion to switch roles. Store these items in the Intimate Bed storage for automatic use when needed for scene.

Sexy outfit or nude-suit may be worn during scene by assigning the outfit as an Intimate Outfit in Sleep Clothes Menu. The Intimate Outfit will remain equipped for scene (improved for male v2.26). For male Intimate Outfit using BodyTalk2 as base, animations incompatible with BodyTalk2 (ZaZOut4 and older animations) outfit will be swapped for EVB nude-suit. Other accessories taking up normal jewelry slots will remain equipped, but accessories using other slots may also be assigned as Intimate Outfit. If have multiple accessories use a tool like Outfit Studio to combine armor tiems into a single outfit. When marking a clothing item as Intimate Outfit, be aware that it will also be marked for opposite sex including modifications! So, an outfit that appears like a normal suit on a man and a sexy outfit on a woman, the man may keep his suit worn for sex! Sleep Intimate recognizes one such mod, “The Kite’s Handmaiden,” as female-only to avoid such embarrasing situations.

Unique Player and followers

For male player, in Intimacy Settings set EVB Best-fit or BodyTalk2 nude-suit as needed. Followers undressed for sleep should have their unique textures and mesh. For sex scenes with male followers, best to use body morphs instead of swaps. Body-swap nude-suit will include custom textures, but the shape will be lost. Alternatively, to get unique textures, create a custom armor item using a jewelry or beard body slot: 48, 50, 54, or 59.

Sleep Intimate recognizes the following plugins:

  • UniqueMalePlayer
  • UniqueFemalePlayer
  • UniqueMalePlayerAndFollowers
  • UniqueMalePlayerAndFollowersDLC
  • UniqueMalePlayerAndFollowersDLCNoHancock
  • UniqueFemalePlayerAndFollowersNoHancock
  • UniqueFemalePlayerAndFollowers
  • UniqueFemalePlayerAndFollowersDLC
  • UniqueFemaleFollowers
  • UniqueMaleFollowers

other adult mods

animation players: standard or AAF

The standard animation controller (AAC) supports all animation packs with more scenes and more variety. Some animation packs may only play in standard scene player. In version 2, Advanced Animation Framework (AAF) is considered optional and AAF scene player disabled by default. To enable AAF, use the holotape Intimate Settings to set Intimate AAF Scenes to enabled. Disable at any time to switch back to standard. The notable differences between using AAF and using the standard player are scene selection and viewing the scenes: AAF uses fly-cam and standard uses normal game views, orbit-view or look-view.

For male player character, scene selection for AAF may be more limited since unable to change body after scenes starts. To get around this limitation, edit the XML files to enable body morphs.

What is orbit-view and look-view? Same views as the normal game Sitting on a chair, the third-person view orbits around. Use a cooking station or lift weights and the view becomes locked from the side. Same idea in Sleep Intimate: for standing or sleeping scenes the view orbits around, but for some animations using furniture the view may be from the side, or look-view. Sleep Intimate chooses look-view for scenes that may be less stable–moving the player character or where furniture interaction causes shaking. Technically, the choice between views depends on if the player’s character is cloned for moving or not. Scenes using a cloned character are in look-view and scenes using the actual character, like sleeping in bed or hugging a companion, are in orbit-view.

In update v2.70, more furniture scenes default to orbit-view and it’s possible to change the default between orbit-view and look-view. See Custom page - camera, Scene View on how to customize the view.

Since look-view means watching from one angle, activate bed from preferred viewing angle. From the foot of the bed may end up looking at the man’s backside. Consider a corner or the side of bed.

  • no requirements for F4SE or AAF and no additional XML files to install
  • compatible with custom-height companions - use Kiss Actor Align (Enabled-Default) (v2.84)
  • no companion power-armor-glitch restriction (Sleep Intimate restricts AAF due to AAF increasing start time)
  • after scene a tired character may go straight to sleep (Immersive Rest) if Intimacy Go-to-Bed enabled (AAF always redress then may prompt)
  • may start animation quicker than AAF

advantages of optional AAF play

  • fly-cam
  • scene cancel is a bit smoother compared to optional method used by standard player
  • supports AAF sounds/voices used in “Atomic Lust” (most other packs play sounds using base-game)

AAF Scene Notes

Using default AAF installation recommended. If using AAF debug mode and see too many warnings, try disabling debug mode.

  • additional XML files required (optional files for AAF) else your characters will stand still appearing bored
  • ignore AAF interface and let scenes play - stop scene with end okay (hidden HUD)
  • after scene requires a few seconds for clean-up: wait for prompt to Rest
  • if Sleep Intimate detects power armor bug/glitch, scene will play in standard scene player (v2.26+) – may ignore in settings (v2.74+)
  • may need to rotate view on start to find characters
  • fade-to-black hides character placement for smoother transitions - AAF errors disabled to prevent locking game during fade
  • uses Sleep Intimate undress/dress system (temporarily disables AAF unEquip/reEquip)
  • multi-stage, variable length sequences controlled by Sleep Intimate using AAF API
  • AAF scenes may be disabled, set to no-fade, or ignore PA-gltich in holotape or MCM under Intimacy Settings

Companion power-armor glitch: may test your current lover-companion using holotape in Test Menu (enable Test Mode) or MCM under Test Features. The holotape should refresh screen when ready. Return to game to see the result. To attempt to un-glitch a companion, instruct companion to sit in a chair or sleep in a bed. If stuck with glitch and prefer AAF, choose Intimate AAF Scenes - ignore PA-glitch. The risk is that sometimes AAF may take too long to start.

The AAF interface may be handy for testing, but less suited for normal gameplay. Controlling NPCs belongs to the game and quests as part of telling a story. In Sleep Intimate companions have their own preferences and the events may affect decisions. To achieve this goal, Sleep Intimate sets all its AAF data as hidden from the AAF interface. The positions are coded, so they may appear as gobbledy-gook anyway.

AAF Scene Troubleshooting Tips

if AAF reports errors on game load:

  1. only install XML files for your animation packs (remove extras)
  2. check your animation packs for necessary patches, or if have extra XML files for missing mods

start scene stuck black screen

  1. press Enter key to dismiss hidden error/warning message – disable warnings in AAF settings
  2. did you wait long enough? if using ignore PA-glitch, be aware glitch may increase fade-to-black time by a minute
  3. enable Intimate Scenes AAF no-fade so may view error/warning message next time

body swap fail (flaccid):

  1. ensure at least one male body option enabled: EVB Best-fit (All), BodyTalk nude-suit, BodyTalk morph
  2. if using BodyTalk morph, make sure body built with morphs
  3. please report scene ID following instructions below for using Test Mode (unless edited XML files then you’re on your own)

have AAF, but only get normal player with that locked look-view (or orbit-view)!

  1. some scenes never play using AAF: embraces, dances, pole-dance, solo-for-Danse-in-PA, optional scenes using Test Mode
  2. is Intimate AAF Scenes enabled? check holotape Intimate Settings menu – Sleep Intimate may disable play-AAF after encountering AAF API errors
  3. before fade-out do you get warning companion PA-glitch? Test companion using holotape or MCM (see above) and attempt to un-glitch or change settings to ignore warning

have animation packs, but characters always hug! (or never play animations from a pack)

  1. for two females (FF) with Leito’s pack: get strap-on item recognized by Sleep Intimate - see holotape Sleep Clothes Menu - or get pack supporting same-gender animations
  2. some custom races not supported
  3. try disable AAF-play to see if animations play using standard player

have AAF Scenes enabled and animation pack, but characters just stand still

  1. verify installed required XML files in Data\AAF - files prefixed with ‘SleepIntimateX’ can be found in downloaded zip-archive
  2. use Test Mode as described below to review if AAF reports an error
  3. occasionally AAF slow to start scene which Sleep Intimate quick-fades twice then reports too slow - try another location or disable AAF-play

using Test Mode to diagnose or report issues

  1. set setting “Intimate AAF Scenes no-fade” found in holotape or MCM, Intimacy Settings
  2. in holotape Settings Menu enable Test Mode (or MCM)

Keep in mind that no-fade reduces storytelling transitional effect and may allow view of characters teleporting.

During scene AAF GUI will be accessible displaying Sleep Intimate scene ID which may be helpful when reporting animation or scene issues. The scene position ID is coded making it easier for the script to generate scene by style, companion preference, or location then generate the scene sequence on the fly. By default there will be no transitions available, but if you enable transitions keep in mind that Sleep Intimate controls the duration and branching transitions determined by companion and skills. Use the equipment manager at your own peril.

What do the Sleep Intimate position IDs mean?

  • after prefix, DTSIX, letters represent gendered or creature scene: FM (not displayed), FF, SM (super mutant), MM, FMM, FMF
  • first digit is animation pack: 5 = Atomic Lust / Rufgt, 6 = Leito, 7 = SavageCabbage, 8 = ZaZOut4, 9 = 50 Shades/GrayAnims, 10 = BP70
  • final two digits for stance and position
  • final section reperesents sequence stage, S1-S6, not necessarily played in that order due to branching or repeats
  • example DTSIX_603_S3: male-female, Leito doggy2-bed, third stage

Why codes? Easier to set companion preferences no matter which animation pack is available, and also simplifies branching using AAF API for extended duration based on Endurance skill.

beds and placement

Sleep Intimate supports variable scene lengths, variety of stages, and character positioning on or around beds (for AAF scenes only verifies enough space). Since beds of different sizes in different places make positioning characters more complex, for Sleep Intimate animation player (not AAF) I have designed a positioning algorithm that checks for accuracy to help improve alignment. Even so for best results the bed should be placed on level ground and with some open space beside the bed. If there is enough space on the ground behind your character when activating the bed then a standing scene may be chosen. Scene setup may take up to a minute if having difficulty aligning characters.

Place beds on level ground and with some space between at least one bed side and obstacles including furniture and walls. Best to leave open space directly behind character for companion.

Optionally, use prompt - Pick Scene - Pick Spot to choose your position. Level ground with clear space directly in front and behind helps ensure good animation alignment. For AAF scenes Pick Spot does not apply for furniture-only animations.

Animation packs overview

suggestions by scenario:

  • female sole survivor (Nora) persuing male lovers: SavageCabbage (female uses Nora’s voice)
  • sex on desks, chairs, sofas, benches, bath shower, tables: SavageCabbage (female uses Nora’s voice) and “Atomic Lust” has a few
  • female loving Strong: SavageCabbages, FO4_AnimationsByLeito, “Mutant Lust”
  • same-gender females: Atomic Lust, Old Rufgt – or with strap-on item FO4_AnimationsByLeito (disable voices) and “50 Shades of Fallout 4”
  • same-gender males: Atomic Lust
  • Danse in power armor, Nora will play self-pleasure or dance: “Atomic Lust” or “50 Shades of Fallout 4” or Savage Cabbage’s pack
  • group scenes: SavageCabbage, Atomic Lust

Same-gender scenes are very limited, and scene picker may choose hugs or dancing for variety if selection limited. Hugs and kisses always available.

about 50 Shades of Fallout 4 pack

this bondage themed pack by Gray User includes spanking. Sleep Intimate uses animations without gags. Download “50 Shades of Fallout 4” (

  • requires AAF.esm as master
  • spanking, doggy-style, and missionary
  • supports same-gender females
  • female solo scene for Danse in power armor
  • scene count: 4

Also by Gray User, Creature Pack 01 supported for Strong.

about Atomic Lust, Mutated Lust, and old Rufgt’s Animations

The embrace and kissing animations are included with Sleep Intimate. Additionally, this pack provides a bed cuddle for all genders, sequenced spanking limited to companions prefering spanking, and some same-gender scenes for male or female. This work-in-progress pack is currently limited to mostly single-stage pose-like animations. Download “Atomic Lust” (nexusmods) and for scenes with Strong consider “Mutated Lust” (, all by TheRealRufgt. If playing without AAF download the old file, Rufgt’s Animations.

  • Atomic Lust requires AAF, but Mutated Lust and old Rufgt plugins may be used without AAF
  • works best with BodyTalk v2 and Fusion Girl
  • primarily brief single-stage scenes with a couple sequenced scenes
  • same-gender - 1 FF and 2 MM scenes plus bed cuddle
  • group - 1 FMF bed scene and 2 FMM chair scenes
  • Power Armor Repair station - activate Get Intimate - must have Seat Scenes enabled
  • includes solo scenes for Danse in power armor - 1 male and 2 female
  • Mutated Lust provides 4 animations for scenes with Strong
  • Rufgt’s Animations - 3 FF, 1 FM - plays in standard scene player only
  • Raid My Heart - 1 scene - embrace at couch/sofa
  • scene count - 18 + 2 + 4 + 1

standard scene player note: requires AAF as master - may play with AAF.esm installed and expect AAF error message on game load

AAF-play notes:

  • some solo scenes and old Rufgt’s animations may play in standard player instead

BP70 animations

Sleep Intimate supports a selection of the animations on beds, sofas, and some chairs.

Leito’s animations - FO4_AnimationsByLeito

These quality animations provide variety with multi-stage sequences. High endurance means longer scenes with more stage-switching, so take Buffout! These sequences assume a male and female, but also work for two females using a strap-on dildo (consider disable voices). Includes animations for Strong with modified animation sequence branching.

For male characters using a unique player or unique followers mod, a default EVB body shape may be used with your custom textures unless EVB Best-Fit is disabled.

  • on bed, standing, or chair scenes
  • female-female scenes require a strap-on armor item — consider disabling voices to avoid male sounds
  • female with Strong only available at sleeping bag or ground mattress
  • scene count - 20 for original, 25 for 2.1
  • Strong - reworked into multi-stage sequences with variations
  • old Leito’s 1.4 incompatible with BodyTalk - defaults to EVB

about Savage Cabbage’s pack

Aimed at the ‘female protagonist’ as stated by the author, these creative animations provide variety with multi-stage sequences and on alternate furniture. Includes supermutant animations for Strong scenes which are more creature-like than Leito’s. High endurance means longer scenes, but some scenes limited to single-stage. No same-gender animations. Version 1.04 works well with EVB male body and CBBE, and 1.2 best with BodyTalk and Fusion Girl (LL). Download at (adult ads) SavageCabbages Animation pack.

supported versions: 1.04, 1.1 - 1.3.0

  • Sleep Intimate magic allows sleeping bag or ground mattress
  • sofa, bench, chairs, desk, bar stool, and armor workbench scenes - enable Intimate Settings menu, Seat Scenes (Sex) and watch for ‘Relax+’ on available furniture
  • nearby tables, pool table, motorcycle, bath shower (including CWSS Redux showers), pier railing may be chosen on Relax+ prompt
  • at armchair choose Lap Dance for improved chance
  • build Workshop Intimate Dance Pole (female only) or Intimate Sedan or Intimate Motorcycle for more scenes
  • also supports pillory from DLC and TortureDevices mod
  • includes a dance which may be used for Danse in power armor
  • Strong - sleeping bag, floor mattress, couch, double-bed scenes, or use seat to pick-spot on ground
  • group - several FMM scenes on seat, bed, or standing, and a single FMF scene on double bed
  • jails - setting Door Scenes enabled and Seat Scenes enabled
  • scene count - 87

about ZaZOut4 pack

Consensual sex role-play with custom pillory. At settlement build a pillory in choice of color. Approach pillory at preferered viewing angle (side is good) and activate ‘Get Intimate’ to attempt. The pack provides two lenghty multi-stage sequenced scenes, but Sleep Intimate scene picker breaks them up for more variety and duration based on endurance. Take buffout! Torture devices come with a minor chance cost, less so for the role getting into the contraption–a female player gets a small advantage. Download at (adult ads) ZaZOut4.

  • scene count - 4 (2 long sequences and 2 shorter versions for low endurance)
  • requires EVB Best-fit (intimacy settings) due to incompatible with BodyTalk
  • Scene View defaults to Look-view – Orbit-view shakes too much

variable-length multi-stage sequences

Endurance determines length of scene! Instead of simply longer scenes, stages repeat or branch positions for more variety. This applies to SleepIntimateX_Anims patch, FO4_AnimationsByLeito, Savage Cabbage’s pack, and ZaZOut. The Sleep Intimate AAF scene player uses AAF API to control stage sequence keeping XML files simpler.

  • scenes average about a minute, 40 seconds for low endurance or up to 2 minutes for very high endurance
  • endurance of 6 or more increases scene to 80 seconds, and 13 endurance achieves 2 minute-scene

unique player and followers

Sleep Intimate supports unique body and textures for player and followers with Leito’s animations. By default sex scenes use EVB male body with unique textures, so if using another custom body shape then consider disabling EVB Best Fit in settings.

additional NPCs

Note: there are no Dogmeat scenes

These NPCs require preference Intimate Scenes (Extra NPCs enabled) and appropriate files not included with Sleep Intimate. Available for female player-character only.


  • requires body mesh files by Leito included with “FO4 Animations by Leito” or from the Ulfbearth’s Creature Resources (adult which supports morphs
  • at least one animation pack: FO4_AnimationsByLeito, Savage Cabbage’s, Mutant Lust, Gray’s Creature Pack 01
  • supports body swaps or morphs with optional morph body file
  • Strong mostly uses floor beds, but Savage Cabbage’s pack supports double beds and the super mutant bench which you may build in workshop - Furniture - Sleep Intimate

For the female sole survivor, Sleep Intimate provides additional scenes with Strong (disabled by default). Because of the stigma (or embarrassment) nearby NPCs reduce your chances for intimacy even greater than with other lovers. Dislikes settlements, although private home may work well enough. Strong uses a unique experience table, but high experience with other lovers improve chance.

Loving Strong provides a chance to become friends with super mutants for limited time. No super mutant aggression! Savage Cabbage’s pack includes second super mutant scenes: with super-mutant-friend bonus, approach other super mutants to invite extra partner to join you and Strong.

Strong love tips:

  • privacy
  • ground mattress, sleeping bag, or with SavageCabbage pack a double-bed and some chairs
  • carry treats
  • struggling? get intoxicated and naked outdoors

super mutant behemoth

  • requires Savage Cabbage’s pack 1.2 and newer with super mutant behemoth files - see Ulfbearth’s Creature Resources (adult
  • supports both body swap and morphs
  • need high experience with loving Strong (26+ scenes)
  • must be friends with super mutants and have Strong as a companion
  • approach a the behemoth and Rest at bed or Relax at chair to attract the behemoth (camping mod makes this easier)
  • make sure behemoth is not in combat state – clear area first
  • no body swap support, but AAF should allow morph
  • 3 multi-stage scenes available

Codsworth, Curie robot, and custom Mr Handy models (Test Mode only)

  • requires Savage Cabbage’s pack 1.2 and newer with the optional Mr Handy installation
  • have Codsworth as a companion with Test Mode enabled
  • a single multi-stage scene

compatibility notes

  • Futinari FEV - assign clothing item (ie: wedding ring) as strap-on item
  • RSE and “Advanced Needs 2” - best disable Immersive Rest (quick sleep), or may enable Immersive Rest and use regular Sleep for RSE scenes and Rest for Sleep Intimate
  • unique player textures supported

credits and permissions

Some content included within main file archive and everything within SleepIntimateX_Anims created by Leito (EVB on Nexusmods) including animations, super mutant body and texture, and EVB body. As per Leito’s permissions, Leito’s content (loverslab link) not allowed on, or to be used for donations or commercial projects. Projects include videos, distribution, packaging, and other mods. See Sleep Intimate main page for full credits and permissions.

Some screen captures include content from other mods:


Gameplay and animations portrayed are consensual fictitious, fantasy role-play.

Sleep Intimate R main page

Fallout 4 is a trademark of Bethesda Softworks LLC. All other trademarks belong to their respective owners.