Sleep Intimate - R for Fallout 4 has been updated to version 2.75 for PC with improvements for AAF users, support for Leito’s new chair animations, updating all Leito’s animations to fully use Sleep Intimate version 2 scene player including full use of morph angles for players using male body with body morphs (Intimacy Setting, BodyTalk morph Enabled). For more information and download links see pages Sleep Intimate - R page.

Leito’s animations updated

If you have FO4 Animations by Leito 2.1, in Intimacy Settings adjust Seat Scenes to Intimate. Seats with Relax+ activator indicate seats supporting an intimate animation. Same-gender females having a special armor item may enjoy some of these scenes, too. See Sleep Intimate R-X Seats and props page for more details. There is also one new scene for female player-character with Strong at a bench or sofa.

All of Leito’s animations have been updated to fully use Sleep Intimate’s version 2 system for both standard animation player and AAF. This includes support for specific morph angles–not just forward, up, or down like with nude suits. Several of Leito’s animations have been updated with specific morph-angle. In Intimacy Settings, choose BodyTalk morph Enabled to use your male character’s default body supporting body morph with LooksMenu mod.

improvements for AAF-play

With assistance from users on Discord, this update improves the experience for users of AAF. This includes fix for broken AAF-walk which sometimes caused time-out issues, improved error-handling to avoid unexpected hug or dance instead of naughty animation, smoother transitions before and after scene when switching to standard animation player for AAF-incompatible scenes, and more AAF-specific fixes including old RufGt’s spoon and corrections with EVB Best-fit setting options. My experience with AAF limited to testing Sleep Intimate so AAF user feedback has been valuable.

AAF and companion power-armor glitch

When Intimate AAF Scenes enabled (and have AAF), choosing to get intimate may display a warning before the fade-out about your companion having the power-armor gitch. Instead of using AAF, the scene plays using the standard animation player. This is to avoid a long fade-to-black AAF scene startup, sometimes up to an extra minute, due to AAF waiting for companion to exit power armor. The power-armor glitch may be temporary, or permanent. To tell Sleep Intimate to play using AAF anyway with a risk of longer fade-to-black, change Intimate AAF Scenes to ignore PA-glitch.

Sleep Intimate holotape and MCM includes a test to confirm if your current lover companion has the glitch. Enable Test Mode then look in the holotape Test Menu or MCM Test Features. When using the holotape the screen should refresh on click (if not click again). Exit Pip-boy / MCM and return to game to see the result.

other changes

  • reduced Endurance values required to unlock extended intimate scene duration
  • added to Pick-a-Scene - Spoon: old RufGt’s spoon animation
  • corrections for several scenes with Strong
  • updated Orbit-view vs Look-view defaults for Memory Lounge armchair (also Mama Murphy’s chair) and sleeping bag
  • removed same-gender twerk dance from scene picker to fix naked dance inside furniture error (twerk dance should only play when picking dance)
  • fix for same-gender female companion with armor-toy failing to limit scenes available

See the complete change-log for R-X.