This page covers the optional, naughty Seat Scene features of Sleep Intimate R mod for Fallout 4, PC-only. See the Sleep Intimate XB1 / XOXO Seats page for basic seats features for sitting and backpack options not covered on this page. If finding art-nudity or animated sex offensive then please navigate to another page.

At a chair, bench, sofa, or stool, activate ‘Relax’ to embrace or dance with your romantic companion. With preference settings set to undress (situational or all), hats, backpacks, optionally glasses, and sometimes jackets may be removed for more comfortable hugs. Sleep Intimate X also supports naughty scenes at seat, desk, table, or a pillory with supported animation pack installed. Even if only interested in naughty scenes, please review the how-to-Relax section.



new for v2.75

  • FO4 Animations by Leito 2.1 chair animations

Intimate Embrace perk

  • +16 Sex Appeal and +1 Luck for limited time (8 game-hours)
  • may be stacked with Intimate Rested perk, but not Intimate Sexy
  • only hug and kiss - sex at chair permanently improves experience score

Intimate Sexy perk

  • granted for Lap Dance at armchair
  • +16 Sex Appeal and +1 Luck for limited time (8 game-hours)
  • may be stacked with Intimate Rested, but not Intimate Embrace

why seats?

Similar to bed, I wanted to automatically remove backpack and other heavy gear to sti down comfortably. A player requested hug anywhere, so a chair seemed like a natural place to embrace a companion and in keeping with the game rules about waiting. Since these are normal hugs, and not bed-time kisses (plus your imagination), minimum chance to embrace is 35% and also helps improve your Sex Appeal skill. Also, activating other furniture improves the experience if using SavageCabbage’s animation pack playing as a female on sexy adventures with men.

Why can embrace fail? Skill system to represent a bad moment or whatever your imagination conjures. Once Sex Appeal is high enough, hugs happen! Naturally, naughty scenes require the full-skill risk for reward.

how to Relax at seats

First, select Seats Scenes for desired scene-type: Enabled (Embrace) or Intimate. Players with female (Nora) sole-survivor and have supported animation pack, SavageCabbage, installed may find Seat Scenes (Intimate) already with the assumption of pursuing relationships with men. Find the Seat Scene in MCM beneath Intimacy group or in holotape, Intimacy Setting. If another mod changes furniture (chairs or sofas) and this feature causes conflict, disable Seat Scenes to use the other mod feature. After finished using other mod then may re-enable Seat Scenes.

  1. Seat Scenes Enabled or Embrace
  2. like beds, make sure not over-encumbered, not sneaking, have weapon holstered, and not in power armor
  3. if companion in power armor, ask companion to exit first
  4. approach an empty chair, bench, sofa, or stool leaving some open space
  5. activate ‘Relax’ (second choice)
  6. if companion is ready and romantically interested, a menu appears to select ‘Embrace’ ‘Sit’ or ‘Dance’
  7. select ‘Embrace’ and if pass check, character will announce success and scene begins - else will sit down

Chance to embrace based on Sex Appeal and location scores with a higher minimum compared to beds. On fail, your character will voice negatively and sit down. Hug or kiss on success! Chance for kiss depends on your gender preference set in the holotape. Notifications for companion unavailable will display in accordance to preference, Companion Busy Reminder. Worn backpack placed near feet comes with carry adjustment to keep from becoming over-encumbered during hug, and pack equipped again on scene end.

If your preference is set to Seat Scenes for Intimacy, the activator is ‘Relax+’ and menu will differ. See ‘naughty seat scenes’ section below. After the scene Pip-Boy will be inaccessible until finished redressing which may be a second or two.


  • companions enjoy sitting! before activate chair, ask companion to stand or briefly sneak to cancel companion from pathing
  • pick a chair away from busy settler walk paths to avoid settlers claiming chair or getting bumped into during embrace
  • if characters try to talk during embrace, consider a less-talk mod to reduce talk frequency
  • for intimate animations choose furniture with enough space - some table and chair pairs may be too close together

naughty seat scenes (or desks, tables, showers… )

Sleep Intimate is about consensual activities with romantic partners

Activate ‘Relax+’ on chair, or ‘Get Intimate’ on pillory, for skill-checked naughty scene. Prompt (if enabled) allows a review of situation, cancel or sit, or select other nearby furniture. If a second lover nearby, may include for furniture having three-person animations available. Sex at seats require more Sex Appeal so chance may be lower than nearby bed.

Must switch preference for Seat Scenes from Disabled or Enabled-Hugs to Intimate. Embrace may be available if partner not compatible, otherwise switch preference back to Embrace to embrace. This limitation helps identify which furniture supports sex animations, and the ‘+’ after ‘Relax’ reminds the player to expect naughty results. Using MCM to select Intimate may remain on hugs-and-kisses if missing requirements. The holotape limits selections appropriately.

Notice: includes adult ads


other mods and animation packs:

  • DLC Contraptions pillory and DLC Workshop weight bench available for intimacy
  • “Atomic Lust” (nexusmods) by TheRealRufgt includes a chair scene (requires Savage Cabbage’s or Leito’s pack since only the one)
  • TortureDevices - pillory available with animation from SavageCabbage - enable Torture Device Scenes
  • “Sleep Together Anywere” - custom chairs and stools available for sex scenes
  • “ZaZOut4” ( by ZaZ - pillory available; SavageCabbage not required - enable Torture Device Scenes

how-to: get naughty on chairs, desks, tables, showers

On chair, bench or sofa, activate ‘Relax+’ for prompt which may include selection for other nearby furniture such as table or shower. At an armchair, the prompt for Dance choice will be replaced with Lap Dance. With preference for intimacy prompt disabled, tables will be unavailable. For desks (container), access desk directly and select third activator, Relax+, to get prompt. Remember, only furniture having animations available will display a Relax+ activator. All scenes are female-male (FM), but some include third male partner (FMM) so two men could ask a woman to join.

For scenes at pillory or weight bench, activate directly. Pillory requires Savage Cabbage’s pack or ZaZOut4, and weight bench requires Savage Cabbage’s 1.1 for animations.

example: naughty scene at shower

  1. go to nearby chair and activate Relax+
  2. bottom of prompt will display ‘Shower?’ - select it (if missing, try a chair closer to shower)
  3. on success, notification and a timer allows you to position your character for best view of pool table (unless using AAF, then straight to scene)

Several tables available for all versions of SavageCabbage, but shower requires 1.1.

At armchair, select Lap Dance on prompt for improved chance (same chance as embrace). Male will remove armor, but remains dressed for nude female (or eqip intimate outfit if desired). A lap dance grants Intimate Sexy perk with same as bonus and duration as Intimate Embrace. Does not stack, so may not be granted if already have the other perk.



  • choose angle you wish to view scene (not necessary for AAF – see Sleep Intimate X - animation players)
  • high endurance means longer duration for sequenced scenes
  • Strong available and will use pick-a-spot count-down timer to allow you to position in flat, open area with space in front

naughty jail scenes

Requires Savage Cabbage’s pack 1.2+ which includes 2 multi-stage animations, a carry and an oral scene, which the player may choose between. Scenes available at most jails. Activate jail door, Get Intimate. Locked doors unavailable until unlocked. The oral scene positioned at the jail door, and the carry scene varies depending on the size of jail and available jail walls – usually beside the door except for the cage originally designed to fit.

Repositioning animations to fit different jails a bit tricky, and I have not tested all jails. Please report a jail where character hands miss the jail bar by a considerable amount. Small misalignment expected.

If another mod overrides doors, disable Door Scenes in Intimate preferences.

SiJailSex1 1200

Sleep Intimate customizations

Some table scenes may include bed animations for more variety. The scene setup warlock (not the actual name) may reposition characters to better fit some furniture. Sofas come in different sizes. Diner stools tend to be close to diner table, so characters will be positioned randomly (clockwise or counter-clockwise) at an angle. Still, expect some clipping. Stools and chairs from “Sleep Together Anywhere” supported. With so many combinations of furniture and animations, I cannot review them all. Let me know if you find a situation that is far off the mark.

Chairs with choice of oral and another scene may select oral from prompt. These chairs include sofa and armchair.

furniture having scenes available:

  • armchair (red, black) - 8 scenes (FM, FMM) - select Lap Dance for improved chance (same as embrace)
  • benches (church, park, wood, steel, diner) - 3 scenes
  • chair, dining - 2 scenes
  • chair, kitchen (green, colored DLC) - 3 scenes
  • chair, high (Federalist, lounge, Institute office chair) - 2 scenes
  • chair, low (small arm rests, Mama Murphy’s, Memory Den lounge chair) - 2 scenes
  • chair ottoman - 1 scene
  • chaise lounge - 1 scene
  • couch / sofa - 6 scenes (FM, FMM)
  • desk (fancy wood, police, steel) - 1 scene
  • diner booth - 3 scenes
  • picnic table - various
  • pool table - 3 scenes designed for pool table + others
  • stool (diner, wood top, steel) - 1 scene
  • table, dining - 1 scene
  • table, round - 2 scenes
  • shower (large corner, CWSS Redux) - 1 scene
  • throne (Nuka World - SavageCabbage 1.2) - 2 scenes

  • DLC pillory - 4 scenes
  • power armor repair station - 1 scene; requires “Atomic Lust”
  • pillory - 2 scenes (FM, FMM)
  • TortureDevices hydro-pillory - 2 scenes (FM, FMM)
  • weight bench - 1 scene (Savage Cabbage’s)
  • ZaZOut4 pillory - 4 scenes (2 long sequences broken up) plus 1 FMM SavageCabbage

scene count is total of all supported animation packs

custom chair and props

In workshop build Intimate Chair (private), Intimate Dance Pole, Intimate Motorcycle, Intimate Pool Table, or Intimate Sedan. All found in Furniture -> Sleep Intimate menu.

Intimate Chair

  • private - settlers ignore
  • works same as ordinary chair: sit, embrace, or get intimate
  • supports Lap Dance selection with Savage Cabbages’s pack


Intimate Dance Pole

  • requires female player-character and SavageCabbage 1.1
  • 3 styles: bare flag-pole, teddy bear, skull – decoration at top helps orient for animation facing
  • activate Dance for always-succeed performance with any companion including Dogmeat
  • to dance clothed, equip an intimate outfit (assign in sleep clothing MCM/holotape)
  • when without a companion will perform normal dance (due to design limitation)

Intimate Motorcycle

  • customized mesh in two colors
  • activate for SavageCabbage animation or embrace


Intimate Pool Table

  • choice of felt colors: blue or pink
  • animation packs supported: “Atomic Lust” including old Rufgt, Leito’s, Savage Cabbage’s
  • Savage Cabbage’s pack includes 3 scenes specific to pool table, others play bed/floor animations on top


Intimate Sedan

  • requires SavageCabbage 1.1
  • position on flat surface like a road
  • color choices: red or dark
  • 2 scenes in back seat, and 1 scene in front seat

Intimate SM Bed

  • the super mutant bed also acts like a bench for characters to sit upon
  • requires SavageCabbage pack, and to build must be female with at least one intimate scene with Strong
  • provides bonus chance with Strong
  • 2 specific scenes plus may select Pick Spot for other scenes



For hugs, most base-game and DLC chairs supported, but a few (such as Power Noodles stand) may not have ‘Relax’ activation option. Most custom chairs from mods should work as long as they can be used to sit and wait. For sex, most custom sofas and stools from other mods should be recognized, however, other custom chairs less likely.

Another mod that changes chair activation not compatible unless its feature may be disabled. To use other mod’s feature, in holotape Intimacy Settings disable Seat Scenes.


characters shake during scene

  • stand on flat floor and with open space between character and furniture
  • try rotating view
  • if using Test Menu setting to force orbit view, try the default setting

no access to Pip-Boy after scene ends

  • wait a few seconds until redress finishes


See the Sleep Intimate R page for complete list of credits.