Change-log history for Sleep Intimate XB1 / XOXO

changes 3.06 (2024-04-24)

  • fix Magnolia’s date stuck fade-out (black screen)

changes 3.05 (2024-03-30)

  • fix romantic dance (Relax - Dance) stuck-black-screen

changes 3.04 (2024-02-13)

  • Now includes 3 animations by AVilas
  • —- standing hug
  • —- standing kiss
  • —- romantic slow dance - at seat choose dance (scroll down) - partner must be fully romanced or use True Love ring
  • Save-on-Rest set to 0 hours will auto-save after Rest and-get-out-of-bed without any sleep as long as time since last save is greater than 1 hour (3 hours on Survival)
  • fix romantic dance keep shoes equipped for any preference
  • now Undress-for-Rest disabled allows Rest (bed) and Relax (chair) for embrace or sleep
  • chair Relax now may choose Kiss; Embrace now only hugs – high endurance increases duration
  • chair Relax - Dance with fully romanced companion will play romantic dance with compatible animation pack (other companions silly dances)
  • (PC) C.H.A.K. Pack by Avilas recognized for cuddles, hugs, kisses, and romantic dances
  • bed embrace/cuddle undress rule changes:
  • —-standing hug/kiss the same, bed cuddles use sleep outfit (not bathrobe) unless already naked
  • —-bathrobe exception due to flipping up for bed cuddle animations
  • undress changed skip-undress from player-only already in sleepwear to skip only if both player and companion in sleepwear AND player not wearing hat or jacket or backpack
  • footwear preference better observed when removing hats and jackets outdoors and includes exception for using weight bench (same as dancing)
  • footwear-shoe dropped on ground now observes Backpack drop preference
  • at bed kiss/hug changed sleep outfit requirements so if player naked then only companion requires a sleep outfit inventoried (XOXO or no custom animations available)
  • fix backpack not always appearing on floor for chair relax
  • fix shoe fail to redress for case when dropped on ground
  • now compatible with “Companions also need to eat and sleep” (NNES) Bed Reserver - use Sleep Settings, NNES to toggle Rest or Bed Reserver - may set MCM hotkey
  • fix kiss misalignment when same genders swapped roles (should only happen in R-X after 3rd-party animation)
  • standing scene at player-position no longer drop sleep clothes or backpack – gets in way
  • changed rad-damage-check on chair Relax to just sit (embrace was allowed, but confusing)

changes 2.87 (2023-March-13)

  • Fix undress player sleepwear detection for case using slot-FX
  • added “Raid My Heart” (optional Atomic Lust) couch cuddle - Embrace at couch/sofa
  • Fix “Nora Spouse Companion” by HouseVariable: NoraSpouse ESM-file for immediate in-love and sex-appeal bonus (was only recognizing original ESP-file since v2.10)
  • increased intimacy chance with Nora-Spouse, DualSurvivor-Nate
  • recognizes “Azur Lane St. Louis” by DeserterX accessories item for sex-appeal bonus

changes 2.84.1 (2023-Jan-07)

  • Kiss Actor Align now compatible with custom-height companions (see Customize Sleep Intimate)
  • — select Kiss Actor Align (Enabled-Default) which maintains custom height at default scale
  • — (Enabled-Custom) maintains custom scale
  • — update patcher identifies and corrects custom-height companions with altered scales]
  • reduced repeated hugs at bed for more kissing
  • Fix Nick Valentine (romance) skipping embrace animation at bed and not working at motorcycle
  • added Footwear Menu for shoes and stockings intended for custom shoes or socks mods
  • footwear preferences: always undress or rarely undress
  • recognizes more outfits worn by romanced companions for sleep undress (Preston Garvey, Heather Casdin)
  • recognizes “Star Trek TOS” outfit by DeserterX tricorder for undress
  • Fix undress under-armor top (slot 36) without a bottom failing to remove for sleep
  • recognizes K-Girl shoes as footwear
  • recognizes Comfy Socks as footwear

changes 2.79 (2022-July-18)

  • new preference setting for backpack: placed custom pack uses (Green bag / itself)
  • improved health recover calculation so Fast-Wait-Skip results the same as slower sleep speeds
  • recognizes bags and packs from “We Are the Minutemen”

changes 2.78 (2022-May-11)

  • recognizes “Heather Casdin” V2 by llamaRCA custom romance
  • potential error correction for edge case missing settings holotape
  • improved optional undress-weapon for players using holstered weapons mods

Update 2.71.1 (2021 September 04)

  • preference Undress Weapon for Sleep/Relax now includes Relax - Sit or Embrace useful for holstered/visible weapons mods
  • changed handling of backpacks to avoid condition when companion’s backpack pops back on before animated scene
  • recognizes jewelry from “DX Vintage Summer” suit to keep most jewelry equipped for sleep or intimacy
  • fix sequence toggle Go-to-Bed between intimacy when tired resulted in after-intimacy dressed in bed without “Awaken”
  • fail intimacy check at bed now also disables go-to-bed prompt
  • disabling notifications now also disables go-to-bed prompt
  • fix “Backpacks of the Commonwealth” added Wastelander’s Backpack to use ground-object when placed
  • recognizes backpack from “Vault 111 Outfit CBBE” by DeserterX

Update 2.64 (2021 May)

  • added Intimacy setting, Kiss Align, to scale companion for better alignment during kiss animation
  • fix case equip both Intimate Lover Rings on companion causing True Love! to break

Update 2.63

  • armor mannequins from “Functional Displays” mod recognized as non-human for counting potential voyeurs
  • Atom Cats Garage location rating upgraded from wilderness to town for improved intimacy chance

Update 2.60 (2021 January)

  • reduced shaking during embrace animations
  • reduced companion fade-out (blinking) during embrace animations (Custom Camera enabled) – very close camera may still cause fade-out
  • may now toggle Redress after Rest to stay in PJs after bed – let the player dress
  • (2.49) Intimate Lover Ring equip - added checks for robots, children, and incompatible companions
  • (2.50) may now Mark Mask, Mark Backpack, Mark Overcoat/Jacket on companion equip
  • recognize “Utility Belt” by jags78 to restrict moving into Outfit Container on Quick Dress
  • added player-only Intimate Private Bed and Coffin - settlers ignore and compatible with “Workshop Plus”
  • re-balanced intimate-chance due to harsh same-day penalty with improved bonuses for holidays and perks
  • recognize more bed mods for companion go-to-bed: “Cozy Beds”, “Clean Beds”, “Renovated Furniture”
  • fix case companion failed to put on sleep clothes for bed embrace (both player and companion must have sleep outfits)
  • fix unrecognized player-race mod at bed intimacy

Update 2.48 (2020 August 27)

  • fix for Immersive Rest fast-time abruptly returning to constant-time
  • high radiation resistance ignores recent-radiation-damage warning on Rest
  • “APC Transport” sleeping bag marked no-Rest due to lack of space for animations – use normal sleep
  • new sleep setting, Undress Weapon: never, companion, player, all
  • restored Pip-Boy undress preference went missing after v2.0
  • correction for intimacy mid-sleep bonus for repeat attempts
  • recognizes OakleyMFrame as glasses for keep-equip/remove undress setting
  • recognizes “Nora Spouse” ESM version (update 2.46)

Update 2.45 (2020 June 16)

  • fix Immersive Rest fast-wait-time screen-effect failing to remove end of sleep
  • updated Stop Sleep Intimate to double-check disable health-recover and sleep-effect

Update 2.41 (2020 May 23)

  • (2.31) fixed alternate Intimate Lover Ring SH so companion will be found and display prompt
  • (2.31) 2nd lover should equip sleep clothes
  • Immersive Rest added fast-wait-skip – skips over mid-sleep for full sleep in 3 real-time minutes
  • Immersive Rest interrupt sleep increases chance for intimacy for 2 hours (until resume-sleep)
  • Immersive Rest resume interrupted within half hour no longer penalizes an hour
  • Immersive Rest fast-wait-time added notification on fast-time begin
  • intimacy before bed improves Immersive Rest recovery – less chance of illness
  • spectators expanded - may adjust preference to include more NPCs in addition to companions
  • added intro prompt for player to choose Immersive Rest sleep-rate
  • minor companion find bed improvement to handle cases when campanion stuck standing near bed instead
  • for custom bed: if companion “cannot find bed” try instruct companion sleep on bed and wait for companion to sleep then Rest–Sleep Intimate will attempt to identify bed for future
  • new preference to disable/enable health recovery during sleep (and renamed other to fatigue recovery)
  • fix for Dogmeat failing to go to doghouse during rest
  • PersonalGuard “Construct a Custom Companion” by Karel2015 - equip Intimate Lover’s Ring
  • (PC Nexusmods only) MCM hotkey for Awaken from bed

Update 2.30 (2020 March 21)

  • fix for Pip-Pad getting assigned instead of backpack, sleep clothes, jacket, or mask
  • adjusted backpack placement at stool
  • slot58 jewelry no longer removed on undress for bed
  • (PC Nexusmods only) MCM hotkey to toggle Seat Scenes setting, disabled or embrace

Update 2.26 (2019 December 29)

  • added coffin bed - sleep side-by-side with companion for Immersive Rest 7+ hours grants similar perk as double/twin beds
  • may not activate Relax at same seat lover seated upon without companion-busy excuse
  • bed intimacy with very favorable conditions may have 100% chance (old max 95)
  • Relax at DLC Weight Bench: sit removes hats, jackets, backpack to lift weights–or embrace
  • bunk beds available for intimacy
  • correction for double/fancy bed bonus and increased Home Plate/Private-area chance for balance
  • intimate spectators/guards now ignore more than a floor above or below
  • fix for SnapBeds not recognized when installed after starting Sleep Intimate
  • changed chair Relax outdoors to remove combat armor all year (not just summer) unless wearing jacket
  • fix Dogmeat go-to-bed when no other companion
  • PC: support for Hozsa’s “Easy Hombebuilder” pillow beds

Update 2.24 (2019 November 29)

  • added Intimate Chair, Motorcycle, and Pool Table to decorate and use as spot to embrace companion - build in workshop
  • Undress System now handles two coats/jackets/cloaks
  • new preference Multiple Coats Equipped (allow/prevent)
  • fixed Dogmeat at home (not following) teleporting to nearby doghouse after sleep
  • fixed Intimate Lover Ring fail 2nd time on custom campanion
  • fixed Test Menu - Get Naked! later failing to undress some items for bed due to changes in Undress System v2.0
  • fixed Test Menu - Redress Lover fail when within 4 seconds of undressing
  • changed Extra NPC companions to require minimum ‘friend’ affinity in case affinity lowers
  • twin/double-bed intimacy check no-prompt case: added a message twin-side in use (may happen if settler wants to use bed)
  • twin/double-bed improved support for custom companion NoraSpouseCompanion
  • update reviews romance status of custom companions to correct errors
  • Intimate Ring equip better supports custom companions and more Test Mode overrides

Update 2.20 (2019 October 17)

  • undress situational - if naked sleep clothes equip now limited to outdoors during winter, otherwise if naked, stay naked
  • correction to Intimate Exhibitionist reward stats (+2 charisma, +1 luck) and now only require 10 voyeurs
  • Intimate Lover’s Ring equip on invalid NPC now notifies (with notifications settings enabled)
  • Extra NPC companion wearing Intimate Lover’s Ring now allows intimacy even if Extra NPCs disabled (was showing ‘disgree’ message)
  • non-romanced, romance-able companion wearing Intimate Lover’s Ring will speak on wake as if fully romanced
  • fix Valentine without romance mod being chosen for intimacy in some cases
  • Stop Sleep Intimate now stops Intimate True Love quest without having to remove the Lover’s ring - likewise if mod stopped, equip ring no longer starts quest
  • capped maximum experience and increased Sex Appeal scaling for high experience
  • more bad blue tents detected as no-rest – will display sleep menu
  • “Locksmith - Lock Your Doors ‘n’ Containers” by Testudini – now ignores Quick Dress Outfit containers
  • “Comfy Socks” by Drake Seralman may be used as part of sleep outfit
  • PC: recognizes “Player Head Tracking” to automatically disable for bed

Update 2.16 (2019 September 19)

  • Vault 81 player’s bedroom no longer considered crime area - intimacy will not attract guards
  • fixed Quick Sleep load auto-save on-sleep to correctly recover and cancel sleep
  • new setting Rest / Undress: Undress Extended Slots (Situational or Never) for body slots 55-58, 61/FX – if have jewelry like to keep worn, set to Never
  • added to General Settings: Reset Help Tips Display for if you would like to see the initial help tips displayed again
  • improved chance for Relax - Embrace
  • intimacy chance improved for Extra NPC companions
  • intimacy chance fix for incorrectly counting sleeping child same as awake
  • intimacy chance improved in wilderness when alone
  • seat scenes: restored NPC sit ends scene early since smoother than NPC repeatedly walking into seat
  • seat Relax Dance: ignores seated companion
  • concerning high intimate fail rates: updated in-game feedback and adjusted mechanics to make it easier to reduce penalty
  • fix for fail to redress on bed exit for case: Quick Sleep after intimacy
  • undress improvements - extra companion check for outer armors
  • undress for sleep clothes: change to avoid removing custom sleep item using only armor slots (40-34)
  • Intimate Bed: if wearing pajamas, will not swap with stored pajamas
  • repeated intimate fail (4+ recent) displays tip reminder
  • intimate fail cool-down: instead of clear penalty after 3 hours, now gradually reduces penalty
  • correction for missing last-intimacy (shows zero) on intimacy crime-warn prompt
  • Magnolia date improvements: hug replaces dance with new position markers farther from wall to make room; added secondary fade-out, because normal game fade-out usually fails
  • Intimacy Perk message, “Happier and Healther Intimate Lovers” displays sooner after no sleep for bed occupied
  • recognizes “Scavver’s Backpacks” by SpiffySkyTrooper
  • Immersive Rest recovery better handles bed mods with custom sleep menu (skips time) like “Sleep Together Anywhere”
  • intimate exhibitionist perk - reduced requirement from 12 NPCs to 10 NPCs

Update 2.11 (2019 July 26)

  • scene start: if in 3rd-person view no longer toggles 1st-3rd view
  • fix: seat relax with Strong incorrectly displayed embrace menu
  • undress player double-check main outfit due to mods that re-equip by script (such as some Niero outfits)
  • fix: missed some clothing exceptions (drifter, suits, dresses) for situational outdoors which prevented sleep clothes
  • on seat embrace success now clears recent failed attempts to avoid penalty next bed intimacy check
  • anniversary holiday no longer counts first day out of vault
  • recognize “Nora Spouse” to allow intimacy before romancing Nora then after romanced get increased chance for success
  • recognize “Dual Survivors” to allow intimacy with Nate at start and with bonus chance
  • recognize “CROSS Wasteland Ronin” by Niero outer armor pieces handled

Update 2.02 (2019 June 9)

  • includes hugs and kisses with animations provided by TheRealRufgt (Nexusmods) - hug or kiss before bed or optionally at chairs (Seat Scenes)
  • Seat Scenes (see page for details): when enabled may activate ‘Relax’ on chair, bench, or sofa to embrace companion or dance
  • Intimate Lover Ring (page) - equip on companion to designate faitfhul lover
  • spectators - chance for nearby companions or guards to spectate bed-time intimate act, but guards may consider it criminal indecency (violence optional)
  • for Immersive Rest a second lover may sleep in a bed, too (may enable/disable in Intimacy Settings)
  • updated undress system to support new features – on next undress your character will completely undress (jewelry and Pip-Boy, too) to re-initialize the system
  • changed bed decoration placement to reduce bouncing or shooting away
  • changed after intimacy behavior to go-to-bed if Immersive Rest enabled and tired (like it once did) - may force prompt in settings
  • modified intimacy chance for nearby children or jealous lover, and improved overall chance
  • modified Extra NPCs (non-romance-ready) chance
  • revealed bed-own setting in holotape (was unintentionally hidden in 1.61) to claim intimate twin/double-beds
  • Sex Appeal now considers player level to represent earned knowledge adventuring
  • fixed case companion fails to remove hats, gloves or other armor for bed
  • fixed necklace equipped not showing up in holotape
  • fixed Danse selected for scene before starting romance
  • fixed stuck Pip-Boy preventing custom Pip-Boy equip - updater will un-stick it if stuck
  • fixed case companion not going to bed for Immersive Rest
  • fixed on player sleep, companion already sleeping not changing outfit (older feature affected by recent changes)
  • notification for fast-time-resume now adheres to Notifications setting
  • changed title of Rest/Sleep Settings menu to ‘Rest and Undress Setings’
  • SnapBeds - added missing double-bed pre-war ‘left’ side as intimate bed
  • Grand Harbor Hotel corpse-on-bed: allows intimacy, but no sleep with corpse
  • Quick Sleep (Immersive Rest disabled) sleep-stop if romanced companion fails placed in bed (by game) then player character put in bed
  • performance tweaks

Update 1.61 (2019 March 18)

  • added Intimate Bed with storage - see Beds page
  • bed ownership warn/claim feature - see Beds page
  • new Intimacy Setting: Gender Preference (both, male, female)
  • Human Ada (Ada2Human) available for intimacy with Extra NPCs enabled and after completing ‘Restoring Order’ quest
  • Companion Affinity - same romanced companions that hate flirting also hate player getting intimate with another lover
  • increased Sex Appeal bonuses for wearing sleep clothes or in underwear
  • increased chance bonus for party drugs
  • increased beginner intimacy bonus to help get started (applied 8 hours after fail)
  • fixed companion already sleeping in bed kicked out or not undressing
  • fatigue recovery timer corrected
  • fixed case companion for bed fails to dress in red or white bathrobe
  • fixed holotape ‘Scan mods for new gear’ broken since 1.50
  • fixed case when prompt for Extra NPC companions even though preference not enabled for Extra NPCs

Update 1.55 (2019 Feb 08)

  • updated Dogmeat go-to-bed: if no dog-sleep nearby, Dogmeat will lay down at foot of sleeping bag or current location
  • Immersive Rest fast-wait-time: updates Hours Waited stat - 5-hour rest in 4 real-time minutes
  • Immersive Rest for Survival: resets fatigue clock based on sleep situation for more realistic fatigue timing
  • Immersive Rest for Survival: prevent fatigue-level incapacitate forcing out of bed
  • Immersive Rest 3+ hours: romanced companion speaks wake
  • Immersive Rest for private/owned bed/settlement now up to 7 hours
  • Immersive Rest: 7+ hours with romanced companion grants Intimate Rest perk (+1 End, +20 Sex Appeal) for 20 hours or until sleep interruption
  • Immersive Rest fast-time starts 20 seconds sooner and optionally displays screen effect
  • exit bed now says “Awaken” activation
  • corrected day-of-week for January and February off by one day
  • undress: companion sometimes failed to redress all armors–extended delay timer and auto-save to avoid interrupting
  • settings correction for companion go-to-bed switching to always
  • Undress situational: changed owned bed to always undress to be consistent with settlement bed
  • recognizes beds from “Settlement Supplies Expanded” mod
  • after bed increased delay for when ‘Rest’ reappears to avoid unexpected situations/errors
  • fixed red, white bathrobes not always equip on companion
  • fixed gift-removal and “lucky dog” notifications being hidden caused by change in previous version
  • fixed missed backpack clean-up after undress reset and no-undress intimate-no-sleep situations
  • fixed case just entered bed radiation interruption forcing out too soon without controls
  • SnapBeds: added missing pre-war bed and allows both sides for companion go-to-bed
  • 2nd lover go-to-bed for Immersive Rest–no undress
  • companion go-to-bed: considers owned bed first, correction for nearest bed occupied or settler-owned bed resulting in companion standing doing nothing
  • Immersive Rest: after intimacy prompt for Rest if not tired
  • added Cryopod to no-rest list
  • updated help text in holotape and tips

Update 1.40 (2018 Dec 18)

  • intimacy chance holiday bonus (Christmas, Halloween, St Valentine’s Day,…)
  • intimate persuasion owned-bed prompt so you know which bed bestows improved chance
  • now double-bed provide proper intimate location bonus
  • tweaked intimacy chance favorably
  • now formerly romanced companions available at ‘flirting’ level - acquire more likes to re-establish romance
  • Curie now available before romanced
  • added bad bed-height notification
  • added more helpful tips for sleep features
  • companion bed-finder: ignores settler beds so will find un-owned, empty bed
  • Immersive Rest under 1-hour no longer gives disease
  • companion undress: fixed case of failed armor remove
  • replaced game randomizer with my own for statistically more accurate chance success rate

Update 1.32 (2018 Dec 8)

  • companion bed finder much improved success rate
  • “Tales of Commonwealth” mod - locations recognized for improved intimacy chance
  • companion go-to-bed setting fixed
  • companion selector fixed case higher rank replacing lower rank companion
  • if controls stuck after bed - sneak to reset - updated for more cases
  • bunk beds available for companion go-to-bed
  • intimate prompt Display Chance no longer displays unknown flag (-200) replaced with real score

Update v1.30

  • new setting Sort Holotape top/bottom
  • Dogmeat go to doggy bed (doghouse) for Immersive Rest
  • new bathrobe colors: red, white
  • Mask mark fixed to stop marking after first equip
  • Purple Bathrobe: corrected ground model color (was pink)
  • start new game - replaced silent startup with delayed startup after exiting Vault 111
  • renamed settings ‘Partner go to bed’ to ‘Companion go to bed’ and ‘Partner Busy Reminder’ to ‘Companion Busy Reminder’
  • bed Rest activator now allows more custom races

Update v1.24

  • Magnolia date - fixed stuck at end talk
  • added Basics Help and Problems-Solutions Help to holotape
  • Immersive Rest: added continue sleep reminder on interrupted sleep
  • Immersive Rest auto-save setting option added 5+ hours and replaced 3+ with 2+ hours
  • companion bed-finder: adjusted so advanced search works more often and in wider area for larger homes
  • companion bed-finder: game-bug workaround – sometimes fails, so make sure companion close to bed
  • Immersive Rest: fixed invalid health update following a full sleep then getting in-and-out of bed before 1 hour
  • DLC Workshop green vault bed now provides intimate chance bonus like double-bed
  • intimate persuasion chance adjustments: sleeping NPCs reduced by 1 each, weather–summer +3% and winter +4% (reduced penalty)

Update v1.21

  • Intimate Destinations quest: fix for Far Harbor locations and toggle disable/enable restores checkmarks
  • intimate persuasion: bigger bonus for beginner (no success yet) 8 hours and 24 hours after fail
  • intimate scene (dances) character position changes to reduce player character movement
  • auto-save restricted to no more often than 8 hours to avoid double-save after interrupted immersive sleep

Version 1.16 update:

  • added notices for bed unavailable for intimacy
  • limited auto-save to no sooner than 3 game-hours
  • custom camera: sometimes became stuck in 3rd-person so toggles to fix
  • correction for Pip-Pad visible bug introduced in v1.13

Version 1.13 Update:

  • Undress Check fixed
  • SnapBeds double-beds improve locaiton score - sleep in “right half” for companion to take “left”
  • companion bed-finder improved - works best if near bed
  • added auto-save option for Immersive Rest

Version 1.10 update:

  • fixed Sleep Clothes Menu mark/unmark
  • companions now go-to-bed for Immersive Rest if can find a bed
  • added companion names to most intimate prompts
  • added more notices for more feedback
  • support Nick Valentine romance mod
  • performance improvements to redress and end-scene clean-up

Version 1.07 update:

  • added persuasion fail voice (“Nope”)
  • added beginner tutorial message for intimacy
  • optional partner-busy for intimacy reminder – when enabled reminds you if companion is sitting down so you may select Rest or Cancel to try again.